Miessence Purifying Blemish Gel (blemishes/pimples/cuts) Reviews

Positive Reviews


Certified Organic Blemish Gel


Pros: Smells great, works well on cuts and insect bites

This was the first miessence product I tried. It smells so good, and is a really concentrated herbal formula. My skin has improved greatly, but I can't isolate this product to speak to its effectiveness because I started using the skin conditioner and moisturizer at almost the same time. In any case, getting off of synthetics has done wonders for my face, and I would definitely recommend this product for anyone with blemishes.

Negative Reviews


Does not work


Pros: Organic

Cons: Does not zap treat zits

I am a LOVER of Miessence. But this is the one product I was VERY unhappy with. It has never made a zit go away faster, it does not prevent me from getting zits. In all honesty, straight up tea tree oil doesn't do the trick for me either. The very rare occassions I get a zit, I want a product that is going to do the job, this isn't it.