Miele T1413 Electric Dryer Reviews


Love the Miele T1413 Electric Dryer


Pros: Energy efficient, dries according to settings, space saving

Cons: Expensive

We had originally purchased a large pair of Bosch washers and dryers. We had to re-sell them because the dryer was not ventable on the left (beware!) despite being told otherwise by a distributor's agent who sold them to us. They were also horrendously oversized for the space. After the vent debacle, the owner of the high profile company who had sold us the Bosch was most apologetic and recommended her personal washer-dryer combo to us: the Miele Touchtronic. These units are small, effective, and exceedingly energy efficient. In fact I believe that they were the smallest possible high quality, energy efficient units that could be found at the time we were looking. The energy...
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Works great...operates quietly

This dryer is a great accompaniment to the Miele W1203 Washer. It operates really quietly, and is also very space-efficient. The only thing I notice is that when I set it to automatic dry (it allows you to select various levels, from "less dry" to "extra dry") at the "normal" level, it doesn't always leave my clothes totally dried. Problem easily solved though -- I set it at "more dry." :)