Midnight Oil by Grateful Body

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Midnight Oil by Grateful Body

Midnight Oil is a blend of the most pure, transcendent plant oils that contributes to silky, healthy skin while providing a comforting antidote to the effects of stress and hurry. The soothing, subtle scent is popular with both men and women, and has a relaxing, grounding effect on the mind and emotions. Used and loved by legions of Grateful bodies . . . → For all skin types. (4 oz. / 120 ml.) . . . how to use Apply to wet or dry skin anywhere on the body, or add to your bath. Excellent for extremely dry skin, massage, or baby's bottom. A calming bedtime anointment for any age. Massage into the soles of your feet when you would like to feel more grounded. Three of the many beneficial ingredients are . . . Avocado Oil This sublime treasure of an oil is highly prized for its nourishing properties and its ability to penetrate and soften the skin. High in essential fatty acids, mono-unsaturated fats and vitamin E, avocado excels as a non-allergenic oil that protects the skin from excess sun exposure. Buttery, thick and a delightful light green color, avocado is especially suitable for dry and sensitive skin. Black Cumin Seed Oil Praised and venerated in ancient cultures, used by Egyptian pharaohs and routinely prescribed by famed Greek physician Dioscorides; the oil from the precious black seed of the middle east is possibly the most esteemed medicinal oil in history. Containing hundreds of active constituents, the complex chemical structure of black cumin seed is one of the most efficacious oils for protecting and sustaining human skin tissue. Evening Primrose Oil The secret of this elegant oil from the yellow-flowered primrose lies in the seed, which contains one of nature's highest concentrations of GLA (Gamma Linolenic Acid). This essential fatty acid helps restore the youthfulness of skin and increases the presence of beneficial anti-inflammatory agents.

Size4 oz. / 120 ml.
Skin Deep Cosmetic Safety Database Rating1
Ingredientsorganic sunflower oil, organic sesame oil, organic hemp seed oil, organic avocado oil, organic black cumin seed oil, organic evening primrose oil, organic bulgarian rose essential oil, organic fennel essential oil, organic lebanon cedar essential oil, organic ginger flower essential oil, organic grapefruit essential oil, organic green myrtle essential oil, organic vetiver essential oil, organic yellow mandarin essential oil, organic ylang ylang essential oil, wildcrafted frankincense essential oil, natural vitamin E (Tocopherol), rosemary extract
Percent Organic100%
Percent Natural100%
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