Michel Torino Cuma Organic Wines

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We like to try different wines and this one seemed interesting and at a reasonable price (it's available at Whole Foods). We got the Malbec one, which is one of our favorite varieties. Let me tell you that this might be one of the best wines we have tasted in a while. We will definitely be purchasing it again. Great tasting wine with the added bonus that it's made out of organic grapes, what else could we ask for?

Michel Torino Cuma Organic Wines

Aficionados of Argentine wine will soon be seeing green with the release of the CUMA organic wine brand from Michel Torino. The renowned winery, located in the ecologically focused Cafayate Valley of northern Argentina, will formally launch three CUMA varietals in the U.S. this October 2007. Beginning with the 2007 vintage, the line will include Malbec, Cabernet Sauvignon and Torrontes. A pioneer of organic viticulture, Michel Torino is committed to a pure and clean environment, as well as to making great organic wine.

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