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Method Wood For Good Furniture Polish

100% Positive Reviews
Rated #12 in House Cleaners


Pros: Smells GREAT

Cons: Could do a better job of moisturizing

Method's Wood for Good has an amazing almondy scent - the kind that makes you want to polish your wood furniture.

When you spray the solution on your wood, you'll notice that it's much thinner than furniture polish that you're used to because it lacks the wax and chemical moisteners in most commercial wood polishes. While this is great for your home, you still may need to moisturize your wood a few times a year to keep it from drying out. Otherwise, it has contains gentle cleaners that break up dust and keep your wood nice and clean.

Method sells both a spray bottle (which I prefer, along with a microfiber cloth) or disposable wipes (which I find are just as useful but a bit wasteful). You can easily find either at Target or your favorite store that carries Method's line.


Pros: spray, smells nice

Cons: doesn't fully disclose ingredients

 This stuff smells so good and does a nice attracting the dust and cat hair on my dark wood coffee table.  I don't use a microfiber cloth . . . i work in surgery and use old, unused surgical sponges :-)  It does anger me though that all of the ingredients are not disclosed on the label.  Something tells me if the product were completely natural, there would be no problem listing the ingredients!!  Oh well, it's better than Clorox.


Pros: spray down mop/wipe up cheap

Cons: could work better, sometimes sticky...

smells great, not as effective as some "non-green" options


Pros: Smells nice, cleans great

I love that it is not harmful because my son loves to touch what I have just cleaned so I feel much better using a products like this when his hands are going on the table I just cleaned. Plus it works well. It has an almond smell.


Pros: Smells great - beautiful finish

Cons: Cant always get in Canada

I love love love this product. It smells SO good and brings out a nice shine on furniture without all the nasty chemicals!!!


Pros: smells great

The wood cleaner works well on my piano, picture frames, & even faux wood. The smell is fantastic almond. Smells good enough to eat.


Pros: nice scent, not wax, absorbs quickly

Cons: lacks serious moisturizing

This is a nice wood polish. It smells great, finishes nicely, and doesn’t leave any weird residues. It’s also very easy (and clean) to use – just spray and wipe. I still think I'm going to have to moisturize my tables/wooden furniture with lemon oil from time to time however...

Also, method says you should use a microfiber cloth (which of course they sell)...but after buying one, you can really just use any soft rag.

Method Wood For Good Furniture Polish

Here's a clever little formula: wood for good. It even rhymes. This no-wax formula contains a gentle, cleansing conditioner that brings your wood back to life without leaving residue or buildup. And, it leaves a fresh almond scent in its wake. And that's good for wood Ingredients: glycerin non-toxic surfactant omega-9 fatty acid (found in olive oil) non-toxic and degradable polishing agents thickening agents fragrance oil blend preservative (under 0.1%) purified water Our naturally-derived formula is gentle and will condition your wood while removing smudges, fingerprints and dirt. And, like all method products, it leaves a fresh scent in its wake. And that's good for you and your wood!

Size12 fl oz.
Additional Features
TypeSurface cleaner
Percent Natural
Percent Organic
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