Method Natural Body Wash Reviews

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Love it!

It's a great product! Cleans great and smells great. I wish they had more scent choices but overall I love it.

Negative Reviews


sensitive skin users beware...

I'm definitely a Method user...the he laundry concentrate, dryer sheets, hand soaps (liquid & foaming), stainless steel & granite cleaners! So much so that even my two sons receive care pkgs of these products.When I came across the olive leaf body wash I couldn't resist!  After three uses I had to stop. Came down with a terrible skin rash, a dermatitis reaction. No itching, but tiny little bumps all over my skin. Having sensitive skin, I believe the formulation was much too concentrated for my skin and perhaps reacted to one or more of the components of the body wash. Do a patch test before using it as a body wash.....

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Good suds, a bit much on the scent


Pros: Not too runny, sudses up nicely, cleans you just fine

Cons: Scent is pretty strong, not 100% natural or organic

I think the bottle says something like it's 90% natural....well...I guess 90% is better than nothing, but it certainly doesn't take the cake. (I'll have to update this review when I go home and have the bottle to reference.) As a body wash, it's all right. It does suds nicely but I have to admit, the consistency always weirds me out when I first hit the pump. It's not exactly sticky...but it's pretty thick. It's not exactly a's not exactly your typical "body wash." It's...just different. It's not super drying and certainly does the job in terms of making you feel cleaner than when you started showering. It'...
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