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Method Lil' Bowl Blu Toilet Cleaner


Pros: Main ingredient is derrived from plant-based acids, bottle is recycled

Cons: It doesn't have the performance of it's green competitors

As an early adopter of Method's products, I jump on the opportunity to try new products. Sadly, I was disappointed by Lil' Bowl Blu's performance.

The cleaner comes scented lightly with eucalyptus and has a nice gentle blue color so that you can see where you've squirted. Rather than bleach or harsh chemicals found in the traditional brands, Method uses a plant-derived acid to loosen up stains, as well as natural thickeners to help it cling to the bowl.

Like most of Method's household cleaners, the package is designed to be unique but the design here hampers it's performance... to start, you twist open the cap and turn upside down (the cap remains part of the bottle) and squeeze under the rim of your toilet like most bowl cleaners. The unique design of this bottle, however, makes it difficult to shoot an even stream under the rim because it allows air to rush in... it takes 3-4 squeezes to get the liquid around the entire bowl. What I dislike most about the design is that you close the bottle by twisting shut the attached nozzle. Who wants to grab hold of a nozzle that's just been in the toilet?

The first time I used Lil' Blu I let it sit just a few minutes which was worthless. The 2nd and 3rd times I let it sit 15 then 30 minutes... they did a better job but never could scrub out the hard water ring in the toilet the way other products can. My 4th try I left it for 3 hours... that actually did a worse job because when I came back to scrub, the thin liquid had run down the side and collected in a cloud at the bottom of the bowl. There was no 5th time because I switched back to Seventh Generation's toilet bowl cleaner which does a much better job.

I hope that Method improves the cleaner because they have a great distribution channel, and I think the designs of their products will help pull in more consumers who don't know much about green cleaning.


Pros: Cleans very well, smells super nice

Cons: Hard to find

For months, my toilets looked like they weren't all that clean. They were, in fact, cleaned regularly, but because I was trying not to use environmentally hostile cleaners, it was tough to entirely remove things like hard water stains no matter how hard I scrubbed. So when I heard about Method's Li'l Bowl Blu, I rejoiced - finally, an environmentally friendly cleaner!

The problem is, it's hard to find. Being in Canada, Method products are scarce in the first place, and this one was even worse. But I got my hands on a promo bottle and smuggled it home in my suitcase.

And it entirely lived up to my expectations. The smell was clean and fresh, not chemical-minty like all the usual cleaners. And it cleaned just as well as the usual ones, without the guilt.


Pros: Cleans well, smells good, easy to use

Cons: Weak on the hard water line

I just bought this last week, so I have not had the chance to use it often, but I like what I have seen so far. It was easy to use. I didn't have the problems in the other review on this product, as I just squeezed the bottle from the top (when upside down) and it only took two squirts like other bowl cleaners I have used. I also didn't put the nozzle actually in the bowl, because the stream was strong enough that I did not have to.

While Lil Bowl Blu doesn't give off the strong odor from conventional cleaners, it also isn't quite as strong when cleaning. I did have to scrub the hard water line for it to go away, more than I usually do. But overall, it smells fresh and works well. I imagine that with regular cleaning, it does as well as any other conventional bowl cleaner, but will have to give it more time to see.

Method Lil' Bowl Blu Toilet Cleaner

Mainstream toilet bowl cleaners usually include phosphoric and/or sulfuric acid. Those will definitely eat up nasty stuff in your toilet, but with equally nasty results. Phosphates in our water contribute to the growth of algae, which in turn depletes oxygen levels, killing our water-dwelling pals. And sulfuric acid – well, that’s battery acid. Enough said. Lil’ Bowl Blu uses lactic acid, which is found naturally in the body, as the cleaning agent. (We don't get it from any "body," though; we use natural sources of starch like corn, potatoes and sugar.) As a result, it’s many times less acidic than conventional toilet bowl cleaners, and by our figuring that’s many times better for you, your bowl and the planet. Combined with xanthum gum, a natural thickener commonly found in salad dressing and ice cream, it hangs onto your toilet and busts up tough stains.

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TypeBathroom cleaner
Release DateApril 2008
Percent Natural
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