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Method Le Scrub Soft Scrub

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Pros: Nice mellow smell, handy microfiber sponge included, effective on a number of surfaces, recycled bottle

Cons: takes a bit to get used to, takes more water to rinse away

Le Scrub has quickly become one of my favorite Method products.

Inside this 24 ounce recycled bottle is a powerful, eco-friently, thick cleaner, similar in consistency to Soft Scrub. But rather than using bleach and harsh abrasives, Le Scrub uses milled marble and borax to cut through grime. It has a pleasant, faint eucalyptus smell dissipates quickly. I use it without gloves yet my skin hasn't dried or become irritated.

The package comes with an innovative microfiber sponge, one side being soft and the other being stiffer for scrubbing. The sponge fits nicely into a wide groove at the top for storage.

I use it mainly in my kitchen sink as an alternative to scouring powder, though I've also used it in my fiberglass tub. It took a few tries to figure out just how much to use, but once I did I found it to be quite effective at removing deep down dirt and stains from the sink. In fact, quite a meager amount does a great job.

It does seem to need a bit more water to rinse away than normal cleansers, and if you don't rinse it completely it leaves a pasty residue behind. Once I got used to its quirks, I really fell in love with Le Scrub and hope it catches on! (and I really hope Method continues to include the sponge because that thing is awesome!)


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