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Method Karim Designed Dish Soap


Pros: Never tested on animals, safe ingredients

Cons: The dispenser is messy, leaks, and hard to use!

Method's soap looks great in the hipster's kitchen but that's where it ends. The dispenser is underneath the bottle, so it has this weird leak guard that only does a so-so job of actually keeping the soap from leaking out. Then, because the soap never has a chance to run back into the bottle, whatever is caught in the opening ends hardening so the next time you use it, you have to squeeze with incredible force to shoot out the plug of dried dishsoap, which just ends up making a mess.

I love Method for their environmental friendly formulations, their great designs, and never testing on animals, but this one on design alone isn't worth it.


Pros: better than any other soap (even other Method's soaps); easy to use bottle shape; cleans AMAZING; a little goes a long way

Cons: hard to find... I love lavender scent & stores/websites don't carry this bottle type often

I bought this soap at a local linen store often.  Other than that, no one else sold this style method soap.  I tried other soaps by Method and did not get the same AMAZING results! So, I ordered a case from Amazon in late 2006.  It is now December, 2011 and I am down to the last 1/2 fo the last bottle!  This soap is the best find ever for my household items!!!!!!


Pros: Looks great

Cons: Cumbersome to use

This bottle has a removable cap on the bottom of the container. You have to pick it up, turn it over, remove the cap, turn it back over, and finally squeeze to use it. I would strongly recommend Method's other bottle designs.

Method Karim Designed Dish Soap

The shortest distance between a dirty dish and a clean one. Perfect to leave out on your counter. Simply PICK UP AND SQUEEZE. An advanced surfactant mixture lifts food particles from dishes and breaks down grease and baked-on foods on contact. Our fast-rinse formula assures a clean and quick rinse. Ingredients blend of naturally derived and biodegradable surfactants corn alcohol table salt citric acid light stabilizer aloe vera gel vitamin e fragrance oil blend preservative (under 0.1%) color purified water

Additional FeaturesAvailable in Lavender and Cucumber scents
TypeHand dishwashing
Release Date
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
Green Options › Eco Friendly Green Products › Green Cleaning › Dish Soap › Method Karim Designed Dish Soap