Method Hand Wash Reviews

Positive Reviews


Biodegradable smells great!


Pros: biodegradable, good cleaning power, not drying

Cons: "fragrance" ingredient is a little questionable

So I have to admit...I do like the way "fragrance" smells (in particular the lavender soap and I did really like the cranberry spice scent they had before the holidays last year). But I'm not such a fan of endocrine disruptors which tend to lurk behind the seemingly innocuous "fragrance." I haven't done all the research into whether there are phthalates in Method's hand soap...but to get around the question, I would highly recommend the Go Naked hand soap, because first of all, who doesn't love a name with the word "naked" in it. And second of all, it's totally free of dyes and fragrance. But on to the question of how it is as a...
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great hand wash!

i have a green tea/aloe bottle in my kitchen and a sea minerals (blue) bottle in my bathroom. they both smell fantastic, are super economical (can get them at target), look nice, and foam great. highly recommended.

nice natural biodegradable soap


Pros: nice light scent, biodegradable, natural

Cons: none

Method hand wash soap is really nice. Mine is green tea and aloe, and it's got a nice light scent. It's biodegradable and natural, and doesn't dry my hands out. Definitely good stuff! Plus they even carry it at Safeway, so it's easy to find.

Negative Reviews




Cons: chemicals and dyes

I don't understand how Method the brand has a reputation for green and eco-friendly products. Here is the list of ingredients in the handwash I just bought: sodium lauryl sulfate (known skin and inhalant irritant), Cocamide DEA,Cocoamidopropyl Betaine, Glycerin,  Tetrasodium EDTA, Aloe Barbadensis Gel, Methylchloroisothiazolinone, Methyisothiazolinone, Tocopherol, Benzophenone 4, Sodium Cholide, Citric Acid, Fragrance, green #2, yellow #4. So, how is this "natural"?  What is "green" about this except for the color?  If I want to wash my hands, soap will do -- not this petro-chemical soup full of ingredients listed as hazardous on the Environmental Working Group website.

So much for natural and no harsh chemicals....


Pros: bottle looks cool?

Cons: has methylchloroisothiazolinone and methylisothiazolinone (irritants and neurotoxin

I had heard a lot of raves about method and my mother gave me some as a moving gift. At first I was stoked, smells great and worked wonderfully, more proof that natural products are just as good as conventional. Then I was reading the ingredients and realised it was more like only as good as conventional. The ingredient list stated that it had methylchloroisothiazolinone and methylisothiazolinone- harsh chemical perservatives (first can cause chemical burns and it is a skin and membrane irritant, second is a neurotoxin).

Bare is better


Pros: Good hand soap

Cons: Too strong of a smell

I like Method products and have had a few of thier scented handsoaps. The green tea and aloe is really to strong of a scent, overpowering and stays on your hands this way. I prefer the bare naked now.

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Smells great

It foams well enough, leaves my hands feeling clean and has a great, light scent. I still need to do some research into whether there are phthalates in this hand soap before I will buy it again. It is readily available at many stores, which is why I bought it after running out of our normal hand soap which I have to order online.

Awesome Soap


Pros: Good sscent, works well, good price and looks

Cons: none

Such a great product, all that we use at work and home.  We also love the foam version. 

I love Method


Pros: The scents are super yummy, the soap leaves your hands clean and doesn't dry your skin out.

Cons: Sometimes the bottle shape creates slippage on wet tile.

Method hand soap is pretty awesome.  I'm all about the mint scented one, it's perfect for the kitchen.  You can find these are Target or other drug stores for like $2.00, which is also pretty nice in rough economic times.  :)




Cons: pretty $$$

I have tried a zillion hand cleaners and some that are natural just frankly don't cut the muck.  this works and it is pretty gentle too.  doesnt suds a ton but if you are smart enough to realize suds are not what cleans  you are doing pretty good already!  =)

Good stuff


Pros: I like the foaming pump refill

Cons: hard to get refills smell is fake

 I love the light scent but I wish the scent had more of a nature derrived scent like from trees or or oil from from real flowers. It still has a fake air fresher quality though it is ok but I would like somethign more natural smelling. The product really makes hands feel super clean and the foaming bottle does the trick quite well.Just stop making the darn refills so hard to find. Or are peopel with OCD really into this prduct and maxing out their credit cards on these?

Pretty green bottle =)


Pros: scent, color, convenience

Cons: questionable ingredients

 I've also tried this soap while visiting my mom's... I'm not sure why, but there are three bottles of hand soap on the bathroom counter. I think my sister likes one and my mom likes another. Anyway, I found three new products to review on Huddler that I don't even have to purchase! Fabulous. Anyway, I found this to be a perfectly effective hand soap. The consistency is fine - not too runny, not too sticky, etc. I believe it was the green tea/aloe scent and it was nice and mild. No complaints except the questionable ingredients that others have mentioned below.

I like it but ...


Pros: scent, design, refill

Cons: Not all natural

In general I like Method, I like the green culture they've built aorund their brand, associating it with style and convenience. Refill is a great plus to me. It cleans well, it rinses off well. Smells nice too. However, too many ingredients are not "green", some of them being of health concern such as MIT and CMIT. I trust Eric and Adam, so I am sure they have a good reason for using them, and perhaps my health concerns are unfounded ... it'll be nice if they address this issue.I would still use it if another manufacturer had not offered something better.

My favorite!

Another great product by method! One of my favorite things about method products is that you don't need a lot of soap to get a good clean. Because of this the product lasts for a long time. They have some great scents to choose from also. My favorite is green tea and aloe. Smells great! Comes in a cute bottle for your counter also.

Great Soap


Pros: Smells Great

Cons: None

It's great soap, lots of great scents available and they offer eco-friendly refill bags.

Not as good as it seems to be


Pros: Smells nice, cleans well, easy on skin

Cons: Contains sodium lauryl sulfate, fragrance, coloring

Method is a nice soap- but it's not really a natural soap. I bought some in the past, but after reviewing the ingredients list, with its long chemically names that I can't pronounce, I will not be buying again. As I said above, Method hand soaps also contain sodium lauryl sulfate, fragrance, and coloring. Dr. Bronners diluted in water works just as well, is completely natural and organic, and only costs a little more.