Method Foaming Hand Wash


Pros: Delicious smell, good hand wash, durable bottle

Cons: A wee touch expensive

I love this stuff. When it's gone I just refill it with some water + dr. bronners. The bottle is good for 15-20 refills before it finally wears out and just won't operate anymore.


Pros: Nice liquid hand wash

Cons: A bit strong perfumy

I have never used Method and this is my first experience with it. I had to refill a body wash bottle, so I decided to try this.  I find the perfume a bit strong even for hands.  I like it but wish it were a little lighter.  Overall nice; I may not need to use so much for it to work well.  I use a plastic fluffy rather than a wash cloth. 


Pros: scent, bottle design, functional, effective

Cons: foams (I'm just not a fan)

 Sooooo... I just plain don't enjoy foaming hand soaps. That's my conclusion.


I had no problem with the scent, the pump, or the cleansing properties. Although, I agree with other reviewers that it seems that a single hand wash requires more from the foaming soap than the regular hand soap.


This one just comes down to personal preference for me and I'm not a fan of the foam.


 I love these handwash.  I use it in the bathroom and the kitchen.  It's so convenient to buy (at every Target, plus a ton of other conventional/large stores), and they even sell large refill pouches to waste fewer containers and save $$, too.  My favorite variety is the light blue..can't remember the name...but it's my preferred scent.  ;)


Pros: Good soap.

Cons: Seemed to need to use more...

We tried out this soap from Method.  The "foaming" action was new to us... seemed like we had to use more of it to get our hands clean.  Maybe it's just us... or that the foam didn't make us feel like we had enough.  Either way we switched to the normal Method hand soap (which we love - see reviews on that as well!!!).


The foaming soap had a nice scent, container looked good, foaming pump worked well.


Pros: nice light scent, biodegradable, natural

Cons: doesn't last as long as non-foaming

Method foaming hand wash is nice if you like foaming soap. It's got a nice light scent, it's biodegradable and natural, and doesn't dry my hands out. My only issue is that I don't think the foaming soap lasts as long as the regular version. It is a bit easier to use and less messy though.

Method Foaming Hand Wash

# Foams as you pump for instant lather; makes washing your hands loads of fun # Made from naturally derived, biodegradable ingredients that are never tested on animals; 100% triclosan free # Stylish bottle designed by world renowned industrial designer Karim Rashid; fresh eucalyptus and mint fragrance # All Method products are biodegradable, never tested on animals, and packaged in recyclable materials

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