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Method Daily Shower Spray


Pros: Refills available

Cons: Who wants refills when it doesn't work well?

We bought this product for the shower off our bedroom, which tends to build up soap scum and mildew very quickly. It is a very small stand up shower stall. The bottle says that you do not need to clean first, if the shower is dirty expect results by 3 to 4 weeks. We used the entire bottle and did not notice any results at all. Maybe if you cleaned first it would be better, but our shower was not horribly dirty and we didn't feel it was having any effect whatsoever so we didn't try it again. It does have a very strong smell, but it didn't bother us much as it dissapates fairly soon after spraying.


Pros: Easy to use, lg quantity, doesn't smell too bad.

Cons: ...I have run out of it...

We honestly have not tried a product to spray in the shower for a long time. I won this bottle of the Method product in the Huddler contest, and we gave it a try. No harsh smell, however it does have a strong odor kinda like a body oil - could not pin it down - but not unpleasant. It works pretty good on the build up on our shower and glass door - we started with it pretty scummy, and it was much more clear when the bottle empty - with no scrubbing or other cleaning at all. Passed the "Wife test" as she wants to now buy more... which we will be doing shortly. Bottle comes with a good quantity in it.

Added: Bought more the other day - was $3.29, and also noticed a refill available for $4.99... which I thought will be handy.


I have to disagree with the other reviews. I can't stand the scent. It's too strong for me, it's not icky, just strong. For people with sensative noses, I would not recomend this product. I have shower doors, and the soap film is very noticble. This product is working to slowly remove that, slowly. The bottle says to give it 3-4 weeks for best results. I'm only on week 2.

Ordinarily I wouldn't buy this type of product. This was one of the gifts I won in the 1st Huddler Green Home contest.


Pros: Seems to be working

Cons: Have to use every day

So I'll admit that I was/am a little skeptical of having to use a cleaning product every day, but so far so good. I gave my shower one good scrubbing before starting the Method daily and it seems to be keeping the grime away.

I have glass doors on my shower and it looks sort of like glass cleaner when I spray it on there, so I was worried about leaving spots/streaks. None so scrubbing or anything.

Even if it's made from good stuff in a recycled bottle though, I have trouble getting my head around the need to use it EVERY time I shower...seems wasteful. I'll keep you posted if the grime comes back....


Pros: Smells and works great

Cons: Cant always find it in Canada

I have owned this product for just over a year, and I absolutely love it. It smells great and it really gets the job done!!! I own three ferrets who love to splash around in the bathtub, and I don't worry about them after I clean the shower with this stuff.


Pros: Keeps gunk from building up, smells nice

Cons: Won't replace scrubbing

I admit, I don't clean my shower that often because as a student, I don't really clean much of anything that often.  So I did not expect too much out of the Daily Shower Spray, just that it would keep things from getting out of control.  And it did just that, preventing a little mildew which had been growing around my tub drain from growing.  Other than that, I don't think that even using it every day will replace a good scrub down.  It is good though, for someone who doesn't want to scrub too often, like myself.


I also thought the scent smelled good, albeit a little bit strong.


Pros: prevents soap scum, mildew, etc., easy to use, biodegradable

Cons: smells too strong, doesn't work well on existing mildew

I received a bottle of Method daily shower spray for winning the first super awesome Huddler contest. I don't have a glass shower door in my bathroom (just a tub with a curtain), and I think that's the ideal surface for this stuff to work on. What I do have is a mildew problem on the ceiling.

So the shower spray claims "if your shower is dirty, expect results in 3-4 weeks". Well, I used it for over a month, and while the mildew didn't get any worse, it doesn't seem to have gotten much better either. I think the shower spray works best as a preventative measure, and maybe on dissolving soap scum on glass shower doors. On existing mildew it's nothing great.

The other issue I have with the stuff is that it smells really strong. I can't put my finger on the odor, but it smells sort of like what manufacturers call 'rainfall' scent. The smell isn't bad, but really it's just too strong.

So I'd say if you have a glass shower door which tends to get soap scum and the like built up on it, Method daily shower spray will probably work for you. I sprayed quite a bit of it on my ceiling frequently, and the bottle lasted for over a month. If you're looking to get rid of existing mildew, try a different cleaning product.


Pros: Quick and Easy and keeps my shower clean

Great product, takes seconds to use and prevents a lot of pita scrubbing in the future. I love that refills are available as well to cut back on packaging. I don't find the scent at all disturbing....I'm not spraying it on myself and after out of the shower you can't smell it anyway.

Method Daily Shower Spray

Remember flower power? At method, we're for flower power. We're also for shower power. Flower shower power. Shower flower power. Okay, we're getting a little crazy with the power. With method daily shower spray, never scrub your shower again. You won't have to scrub, wipe, or rinse. Spray a fine mist on all wet surfaces after each shower, including the shower curtain or door. method daily shower prevents soap scum and dissolves mildew, hard water stains, and lime stains. (For best results, start with a clean shower.)

Size28 fl. oz.
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