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Method All-Purpose Spray Cleaner


Pros: Great smell, cuts grease really well, great price

Cons: Bottle shape can be a little unweildy

I kind of wish they would sell these in reusable bottles and refills that we could all dilute with water so we didn't have to keep buying those plastic bottles.  But in terms of a good smelling natural all purpose cleaner it's solid.  I hate antibacterial stuff, so it's nice that Method makes non harmful cleaners I can use wherever without worrying about gross residues near my food and stuff.  Eliminates grease and stains like any other cleaner - I love it!


Pros: pretty packaging, some scents are nice

Cons: doesn't go very far, doesn't clean very well, not for those who avoid flowery scents

I wanted to like this product when I came across it, but I couldn't.  To me it seems very weak, the scents somewhat annoying, and -again- a weak cleaner.  The price looks nice until you realize how much it needs to be used and re-used on simple messes.


Mostly, it just seemed to be an air freshener.  Didn't clean well, but made the area smell like you'd cleaned.


Pros: Smells nice, cleans well

I bought this a few years ago, and I can still remember the scent- it was quite nice. It works well to clean dirty counter tops. I can't remember now why I switched to Seventh Generation products instead, I think they might be a bit more sustainable, but this is still a good product and much better than your more chemical laden cleaners!


Pros: I use this on sinks, counters, floors, etc....

Cons: The sprayer leaks

I use my Method cleaner on everything and I love the scent.


Pros: nothing it won`t clean

I bought this product it the CLEAN & CLEAR scent. It worked really well. Cleaned the kitchen counters effortlessly.

Method All-Purpose Spray Cleaner

method is made with naturally-derived surfactants. It works by absorbing dirt rather than chemically degrading it. And method is biodegradable so you can clean your home without flushing super-toxic chemicals down the drain into our rivers, lakes and oceans. We're against that. Dirty doesn't have to roll downhill. ingredients: corn and coconut derived surfactants soda ash potassium hydrate biodegradable surfactant fragrance oil blend color purified water It is not necessary to rinse a surface after using method since our formulas are non-toxic and people safe.

Size28 fl. oz.
Additional FeaturesAvailable in lavender, grapefruit, cucumber, naked scents
Percent Natural
Percent Organic
Release Date
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
Green Options › Eco Friendly Green Products › Green Cleaning › House Cleaners › Method All-Purpose Spray Cleaner