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Method Dish Soap Reviews

Positive Reviews


Good stuff

To be totally honest, I wouldn't say that this dish soap works WAY better than others that I've used, but it certainly works very well. I find that with Method products, the concentration is good so that I don't need nearly as much of it to do the same job. The bottle design shown is fine, but they do have another one that's really odd looking and very hard to use, so avoid the crazy looking bottle design.

Negative Reviews


New package design is terrible


Cons: bad package design and pricepoint is too much

  BOO on Method Concentrated Dish Detergent. I used to LOVE this product... until they changed the packaging! Used to be a 25 oz. sqeeze bottle and someone got the lame brained idea to change it to a pump bottle... that is only 18 oz. Same price. 25% less soap. Did you really think we wouldn't notice? Plus, the new pump bottle makes it hard to get the last half inch or so out of the bottle. You have to open the bottle and add water, which is just plain annoying and stupid. To bad. Between the bad design and the reduction of soap and the fact i am paying the same price, I will probably quit buying the product.  And why do you not make refills on this, like you do your...
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Method soap

This product really doesn't seem to work well for me. It's hard to tell if there even is soap in the water. I keep adding it because it doesn't seem like there is any and that isn't very cost effective to me.

More Reviews


I love Method


Pros: Good scents, excellent de-greaser, no harmful chemicals

Cons: Bottle shape is a little unweildy

The only thing I would change about Method Dish Soap is the shape of the bottle.  When you're washing dishes with soapy hands, it tends to slip around a lot.  Otherwise, it's my favorite dish soap - lathers well, degreases anything I can dirty up in my kitchen, smells good and isn't antibacterial, which I like.

Favorite dish soap ever


Pros: works great

We absolutely love the pink grapefruit version of this dish soap. It works so well that I haven't been able to find a new dish soap no matter how hard I have tried. We have been using this dish soap for many years now.

Not bad...

This product was much better than it's common counterpart at 7th generation. It worked well and left my dishes clean without any residue. It doesn't make sudz up very well and it takes a lots to get the job done but good overall and cheaper than 7th generation at my stores in south florida!


I love this product. Most importantly it gets dishes super clean but also looks good while doing it. :)

Love it!


Pros: Cleans great, Smells great, Looks great

Cons: None

This is the only dish soap I use and I love it. The fun design of the bottle makes washing dishes fun. The best part about it is that it isn't harmful for the environment and you don't need to use a lot of soap. I highly recommend this product.

Husband likes it just fine

My husband does all of the dish washing since I use too much water when I do it. Therefore, I can't comment based upon personal experience. However, he says it works just fine, and does the job without much of a problem. I do like the scent of it, and the price isn't bad at all.

The Green Model


Pros: Clean, Sustainable, Stylish

Method is doing with soaps what every other company that wants to be green has to do: design products that work and that people want to buy, which just happen to be green. I've used Method products for years because my wife bought them. She bought them solely because they looked great in our kitchen and bathrooms; they are superbly designed. Only later did I learn, through the company being featured in Vanity Fair's second "Green Issue", that the products were all non-toxic and sustainable. You can't sell an inferior product based on the fact that it's green. That is not a sustainable way to do business. The top two features of any product have to be...
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"I like this dish soap enought to purchase it again!


Pros: I like the scent and it works better than it used to.

The Method Dish Soap is not as efficient as my old brand, but it is working better now. It has more suds and helps more with the greasy dishes. The fragrance is very nice. One of the extra I have experienced is the way my hands feel after doing the dishes. The vitamin E helps they stay softer feeling. Thanks,Cindi

One Method of Washing


Pros: gentle on hands, pleasant fragrance, nice color, cleans well, attractive dispensing bottle

I received this product as a gift, so I don't know the price. I do know it is available at Target stores. I like the product very much, but I have been highly satisfied using Shaklee household cleaning products for years, and have no need to switch.
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