2007 Mercedes-Benz E-Class E320 BLUETEC Sedan Reviews


2007 Bluetec 40,000 miles


Pros: Stylish, fastish, great fuel economy

Cons: Diesel prices have risen, 16inch wheels and awful stock tires.

This is my first MB and my first diesel. I do >30k miles per year and I need comfort, reliability, power and I like style. This car has it all. Other bonuses are that it does almost 700 miles on a tankful so fill-ups are much less frequent. With 400 lbft of torque, midrange is very good and with the 7 speed transmission, passing is a joy and totally effortless. This year I did 500 miles in 9 hours straight in it and felt OK afterwards. The 16 inch wheels and skinny, cheap tires that it comes with look and perfrom horribly. Wet weather traction is scary and the ABS and TC have to work overtime if you drive it hard. The tires lasted 38,000 miles and I took the opportunity to upgrade the...
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a reasonable compromise


Pros: efficient, meets the demands of my heavy foot.....

Cons: still polutes.

This car looks promising, or rather, BlueTec looks promising. I think BlueTec is another good compromise between standard gasoline cars and the new era...it seems they are able to maintain performance as well...