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Medela Pump In Style Advanced Breastpump Shoulder Bag


Pros: Pumps milk quickly & quietly.

Cons: None so far!

I have been using this pump for a week and I have been very pleased. Originally I had been using a low grade dual Evenflo pump (which I HIGHLY recommend not buying) that had been given to me by my sister who had only used it once. It had practically died on me, which gave me an excuse to buy another, one that did not take over an hour to produce 4oz of milk! Now, I can pump that in at least 15 minutes (my milk supply had been reduced by a little over 50 percent while using my previous pump).


I have not yet used the battery pack yet, but I recommend getting rechargeable batteries. My other pump would completely drain the batteries before I could even pump a couple of ounces, but I have heard that the battery pack for the Medela lasts multiple pumpings.


I have yet to see an increase in supply, but I have heard that it could take a week or two, but I love this pump and would recommend it to anyone who is planning on buying one. Yes, it is one of the more expensive pumps, but I wish that I had bought this months ago to save my precious milk supply!


Before you buy check the prices on the internet! Many sites offer free shipping and most compete with each other.


Pros: Effective, quiet, mimicks baby

Cons: none

This is the best breast pump i have ever owned. It mimicks the baby's sucking. It is effective in helping you to build up a better milk supply. It comes in a nice carrying case and is discrete, so its nice for working moms who will be pumping at work. I am a stay at home mom and use it for pumping and storing breastmilk. I would recommend this product.


Pros: convenient, fast, discreet

Cons: heavy

I LOVE my Medela PISAB! I bring it to work as well as use it at ome. I also had a hospital grade at home for a while and really, the Shoulder Bag Pump was just as effective. It works fast to express milk, and cleans relatively easy. The only difficulty with cleaning is the connector from the bottle to the breast sheild. The little freezer pack/ cold bag is so helpful, and the perfect size--I usually pump 4 bottles at work. It also just looks like a handbag, so unless a person knows what it is already, it is very discreet ( not that I personally mind if the world knows I'm a-pumpin')! It is a bit heavy, but that said, the benefits far outweigh ;)

It runs on electricity or a battery, so it's not as eco-friendly as a manual pump.


Pros: works better then others

Cons: not good for small breasts, hurt a little

This is a pretty good pump...I actually bought another one by platex that didn't work as well...But I have extremely small breasts and found this one hard to use because of it...I had to buy 3 different size cones and started with the small and then went to the big so I could get all my milk out. It was kind of a hassle but it was the only one that got the majority of my milk out. I wish there was something out there for a neg a size breast. Even with milk in them my breasts were small. I had to push REALLY hard and most of the time it hurt somewhat. I was always sore afterwards. My son stopped nursing at 9 months (he had no intrese because he started walking) and it didnt get enough milk out to keep my flow up. I ended up drying up at about the time my son was 10 1/2 months...which made me kind of sad.


Pros: Great Pump, easy to use and effective

Cons: Big investment

This is a fantastic breast pump. I EBF, but had to start pumping and using bottles when I was working, I found this pump easy to use, durable and a good value for the price. It is a big investment, but worth it for the working mom who wants to be able to supply fresh mil for her LO. Great Pump! BPA Free bottles!


I was prescribed this pump, therefore I only had to pay a copay for it which made the pump very affordable. Though I never got my milk in it really was a great pump and I passed it on to my sister who didn't have such a nice pump. She has been very happy with the pump.

I would recommend not buying a pump right away just in case one is medically necessary. If one is medically necessary you will likely be given one of these or somehting similar for only the cost of your copay.


Pros: Effective Results, Easy to use, Easy to Travel with, BPA Free

This pump was worth every penny.  It comes with just about everything you need for a successful pumping experience.  It included a travel battery pack which allows you to pump anywhere and the bag keeps everything discreet.  The parts are easy to clean and the bag can also be easily wiped clean if milk splashes on it.  If you wait for a 20% off coupon from Babies-R-Us, it will make a huge difference in your purchase price.


Most importantly, the 2 phase pumping feature really makes a difference in the amount of milk your able to express.


I highly recommend the following two products to make your pumping experience even more successful & enjoyable...

Medela Pump In Style Advanced Breastpump Shoulder Bag

An electric retail pump with research-based and hospital proven, 2-Phase Expression® Technology for more milk in less time*. 2-Phase Expression is an advanced pumping pattern that mimics a baby's natural nursing pattern and consists of two phases, the Stimulation phase with fast and light sucking to start milk flowing and Expression phase, slower sucking with more vacuum to express more milk gently and efficiently. First researched and developed for hospital-grade breastpumps, this technology is now available for personal-use pumps. Pump In Style Advanced Breastpump Shoulder Bag 2008 Model: 57027 Features and Benefits * Stimulation phase: Simulates your baby's initial rapid suckling to initiate faster milk flow. * Expression phase: Simulates your baby's slower, deeper suckling for maximum milk flow in less time. * Feels more like your baby than any other retail pump * One-touch 'let-down' button designed for faster milk flow * Customized pumping with adjustable speed and vacuum control * Stylish bag contains everything your need to pump * Battery Pak for pumping anywhere, anytime * IMPORTANT: This product is a single user item. Use by more than one user may pose a health risk, performance questions, and voids the warranty. * Chosen for you and your baby - All parts that come into contact with breastmilk are BPA/DEHP Free. * For single or double pumping. * *When pumping at Maximum Comfort Vacuum™. What’s Included * Convenient shoulder bag design * Battery Pak (8AA batteries not included) * Removable cooler carrier * 4 collection containers & lids * 2-24mm PersonalFit™ Breastshields * Breastfeeding Information Guide * 2 valves * 4 membranes * Cooling element * Instructions ***Moms are searching for BPA-free products. In addition to our Breastmilk Feeding and Storage Bottles, which have always been BPA-free, all Medela products that come into contact with breastmilk are BPA-free.***

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