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Maytag Neptune MAH5500BWW Washer


Pros: None

Cons: mildew, control panel, clothing not clean

I own one and now looking to replace because it's a piece of junk.  I was a Maytag repairman from 1979-87 and can tell you I would have no other washer/dryer than a Maytag.  Now I own Maytags through out my house, stove, microwave, washer, dryer, dishwasher, refrigerator.  Not anymore, soon as I start having issues they are being replaced with something OTHER than Maytag.  First the washer is a problem, I had to find out on my own that a recall was in for it.  They redesigned the door gasket but I can't even get them to send me one so I can get rid of the mildew.  Now it won't start just beeps runs a wash when it feels like it.  So now it's off to buy a new one,'s another story, recall on it for possible fire hazzard, then there is the ice maker that does what it wants.  Just the other day I came into the kitchen only to find water pouring out the ice maker door. 


Neptune Washer MAH5500BWW. Purchased 6 years ago. 
The water valve inside the washing machine broke, filling up the tub and then busted the door wide open and spilled out immense amounts of water onto my wood floors...the carpet in the next room.... through the ceiling...into my basement office..onto the wood floors in the office...and down the walls. We spent the next several hours using every single towel, blanket and anything else that could soak up water in our house as well as a floor squeegie to push the water out and a wet vac. And then leave the front and back door open and have multiple fans blowing in the middle of winter in Denver, Colorado.


After multiple phone calls to customer service and Emails to the executive offices and Investors(I'll tell you how to reach them in a second)Jessica from Mr. Fettig's office called me back.  Jessica's response was that I should assume in 6 years that some repairs might be needed.  I agree.  However, this was not a "repair" issue.  Up until this machine flooded my house, there was no indication that repairs were needed. I was not even using the washer at the time it happened.


Whirlpool's final offer was to pay $68.00 for the replacement Water Valve while I am to incur a total of $1,171.60 in Diagnostic and Labor charges($171.60) and my homeowner insurance dedcutible($1000.00.  Not to mention the inconvenience of having to move all my furniture into the garage while my wood floors and carpet gets repaired. And having the basement ceiling fixed.


Whirlpool's investors website says this:


Whirlpool Corporation is committed to building products that consumers around the world can depend on to meet their daily needs. This commitment to quality begins in the concept stages and continues throughout the lifetime of the appliance. The result of these efforts is a sustainable and competitive advantage for the company.
Globally, Whirlpool Corporation manufactures products using principles of lean manufacturing and operational excellence to ensure continuous improvement of processes and to produce products that meet the company's high-quality standards.


Share this story and/or your own story with your friends and family.  We as consumers need to demand better customer service and quality products from a 100 billion dollar corporation.


If you have issues of your own or you want to voice your annoyance or disapproval with the way they have handled my situation, you can send your Emails to the executive offices and investors:


You can call the executive offices at:


Pros: clean clothes

Cons: mechanical nightmare

This washer is a nightmare. I must admit, we process a lot of loads of laundry, 4 kids, 1 or 2 fresh towels after each shower, you do the math. We never had a problem with the mildew issue, simply because the washer never stopped running loads. Before the water used for counter weight got old enough to sour, another load was running. The washer worked fine until 30 days before the warranty expired, then the motor and power supply blew. Luckily the machine was within 30 days of the warranty expiring. Maytag parts sent me a new motor and power supply. The old motor was 1 HP, the new motor was 3/4 HP. I guess they decided the extra power was causing the washer to clean too well. Fortunately, I am somewhat handy around the house and was able to do the repair myself, Maytag warranty didn't cover the labor. Next the washer started to make a sound like a tornado when it went into spin. Bad main bearing. The bearing is factory pressed into a plastic tub. PLASTIC TUB!!!??? Well I located the part, local authorized parts dealer had it in stock "Oh yeah, we sell a couple or three a week, everyone's Maytag blows the bearings". This repair was too much for me, had to have AHS American Home Service make the repair. That's a whole 'nother story. The washer had to go "to the shop", 4 days later, it's back. It made noise on the first load. I knew the bearings would not last. Well, it's been sounding like a tornado for 2 or 3 months and is now throwing the drive belt when it does feel like doing its tornado thing. This time it's the junk pile.


Purchased in 2002 totally rebuilt in 2006 and died in 2009. Problems from the date of purchase. Mold and mildew on door gasget while an issue was th least of my complaints. Making calls to Maytag was a nightmare, I was just passed from one person to another and pomised I would receive a call back which never came. Definately my LAST Maytag appliance.


Cons: Mold in gasket, stinky, company won't back product, phone reps are worthless, buy it and waste over $1,000

We have a Maytag front loading machine.


Model - MAH5500BWW

Serial #92981662AR


I called the phone number listed on our machine to ask for help on the mold issue on the gasket of our Maytag washing machine.


We did not get involved in the lawsuit. The machine was in storage before, during, and for a while after the deadlines. we were never contacted. Therefore, it has NOT had a lot of use but is grossly moldy. 


I gave the rep my model number, as asked, and she gave me a phone number to call:  1 (866) 739-1033. I repeated the number back to her and she verified that it was correct. I dialed the number 3 times. Each time I was told that the number is no longer in service.


Then I called 1 (888) 462-9824 - the number I dialed before, the same number that is listed on my machine. The rep answered and wanted to give me the same number again. After I told her it was no longer in service, she tried to sell me a product to clean the machine. (Bloggers report that it sucks.) I told her I had heard that Maytag sends new gaskets to those who had the misfortune to buy this defective product.  She put me on hold for well over 10 minutes. Then she came back and told me this is not true and that I should buy a whole new machine! She said that if I (am STUPID ENOUGH) buy another one of their models, I could get a whole 10% off. I asked for a form or coupon in advance. She told me, "No, just send us the receipt after you buy it".


HA! Rip me off once - shame on you. Rip me off twice - shame on me.


During that time I was put on hold and was getting the run around, I was able to surf around the web and see oodles and oddles of complaints for the same and worse problems than we have had with our Neptune. Because of being put on hold, I discovered that Whirlpool now owns Maytag, and they, like Maytag, are not backing the Neptunes either. What great information - because I was thinking that I would buy a new Whirlpool or Kenmore if Maytag is as bad as their customers say they are on the internet.  Now finding they are all now the same company, I don't plan to now.


Can anyone suggest a very good machine not related to Kenmore, Whirlpool, Roper, or Maytag?


Pros: Quiet, clean, efficient

Cons: longer wash time

Both the front load washer and dryer (matched set) in 2002 and have not had any problems with either one.  They are so quiet that when I first washed I had to keep checking to see if they were operating.  While they do have a longer wash cycle, they are gentlier on clothes.  The washer uses a lot less water than a top loader.  My utility bills have decreased as a result.  I recommend this machine to anyone.
Maytag Neptune MAH5500BWW Washer

Maytag Neptune? washers - Outstanding cleaning through stain removal, remarkable energy and water savings, and clothes that look newer Longer! Easy-to-use LED touchpad controls Cleaning - removes tough stains like grass, blood and chocolate Conservation - saves up to $150 per year in water and energy*- the washer that can pay for itself! Capacity - wash fewer loads and clean big, bulky items like bedspreads and rugs Care - No-agitator design means less wear and tear, so your clothes look newer longer Convenience - exclusive sloped front for easy loading and unloading

Energy Star QualificationYes
Depth28.25 in
Height42.5 in
Width27 in
Warranty1 Year
Water Use (Normal Cycle)
Additional FeaturesAutomatic Cycles,Bleach Dispenser,Delay Start,End of Cycle Signal,Fabric Softener/Dispenser
Quiet Operation
Water Levels
Temperature Levels4
Load TypeFront Loading
Volume Capacity3.34 cu. mm
Energy Consumption296 kW
Touchpad ControlsYes
Modified Energy Factor (MEF)
Release Date
Water Factor
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
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