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Mary's Gone Crackers Sticks & Twigs


Pros: Healthy, Yummy, Unique, Non-Pedestrian

Cons: Carbs

This review goes out to my friend Jessica who, when we lived together on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, would travel to the West Village to the British food shop to buy Twiglets. That's like 100 blocks!! For a pretzel-like snack, covered in a salty yeast mixture. But, I have to admit, they are pretty tasty. And apparantly good for digestion (??). Probably as good as any carbohydate-y snack can be for digestion. I more think of yogurt and leeks and bran as being good for digestion. But apparantly Twiglets too.


Ahem, anyway. This review is about Sticks and Twigs, because I think Mary's Crackers has successfully American-ized the classic Brittish snack. And improved upon it. This version is not so yeasty. But still has a salty taste, without being packed with sodium. It is definitely a better option than eating a bowl of pretzels. A sophisticated option for serving your friends in a big bowl on game night, book club night, game night. Because it is not like serving a bowl full of Ritz crackers or pretzels, which everyone knows are either bad for you, cheap, or thoughtless. Sticks and Twigs are a bit more obscure, and that makes them gourmet.


And it is nice that they cme from such a nice and responsible company, and are made with natural ingredients.


Pros: Fun and different to eat

Cons: Addicting!

 Not a huge cracker fan, but these are yummie!  I like how they are in stick form, although makes it hard to eat with a topping; and I LOVE sea salt which makes this a plus.  Lots of good things packed into these making them a fun snack.  


First of all, big ups to the product designers for the name. Totally vibes with the organic, gatherer-more-so-than-hunter types that I live amongst. The snack itself is actually surprisingly filling and perfect for a late afternoon when you're sit wading through an government grant application for the elementary school organic compost heap you're trying to start in your local inner city neighborhood.


Pros: Delicious, crunchy, organic

Seriously now...this little Mary's Gone Crackers Sticks and Twigs are super tasty.  But I really did have to physically move the bag away from my desk so I wouldn't keep crunching away on them.  I've had the Sea Salt kind and the Chipotle-Tomato kind.  I think the Sea Salt ones are delicious.  The Chipotle-Tomato ones are a little boring plain, but they're very nice with some hummus.  All kinds are really crunchy and have a nice texture.  Nutrition wise, they're not too bad at all.  One serving of the Sea Salt kind gets you 4g of fiber.  And of course, they're all organic and gluten free (they've also got flax seeds in them, so that's cool).  I'd definitely recommend them as a nice alternative to chips or pretzels.

Mary's Gone Crackers Sticks & Twigs

Made with our unique blend of whole grains and seeds, these crunchy snacks will make you wonder why you ever ate a pretzel or a chip, when you can have a delicious and nutritious Sticks & Twigs! Like our crackers, we add no oils or fats, so you taste the rich, toasty flavors of the grains and seeds. Contains a whopping 550 mg. of Omega-3s in every serving! Available in 4 mouthwatering flavors: Chipotle-Tomato, Curry, Sea Salt and Cinnamon. In two sizes: 8 oz. bag or single serve 1.25 oz. bags. Great for munching on their own, or served with hummus, peanut butter, or your favorite dip. Kids love them!

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