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Mary's Gone Crackers Organic Crackers Reviews

Positive Reviews


Mary's Gone Crackers


Pros: Healthy, tasty, toasty grain, flavorful, fiber, seeds, whole grain

Sampled these at a great event called "A Taste of Green."  Lots of fun people attended the event and the food and wine samples were so plentiful!  These little crackers caught my attention 'cause there just yummy and they have toasted Quinoa which packs some great flavor with some really great protein.  They are super crunchy in that hard pleasant kinda way you know means its good for you.  There are whole grains gallore and lots of protein and fiber but paired in a way that is very pleasant and delicious, so don't let the fiber part scare you away.  Healthy, tasty, toasted grain, flavorful goodness!

Negative Reviews


Kind of on the bland side


Pros: good nutrition

Cons: little tasteless

I got the original flavor and didn't really like them at all, I didn't even finish the little bag I had.  They actually tasted burnt to me.  I would be willing to try a different flavor, but I wouldn't ever try the original again.

More Reviews

Nice crunch!


Pros: Great for "crunch" lovers, great for dipping

Cons: Original flavor is a bit dull

I received the original flavor and I have to agree w/ the previous poster, I found them to be on the bland side.  However, because of their great crunch value, they hold up extremly well when dipping (unlike chips and other crackers on the market).  So if you have a tasty dip then these work well because they wont take away from the flavor of your dip.  I would also love to try the black pepper because I love balck pepper and I bet they would be great alone.

I met Mary


Pros: wheat free, gluten free, start up by mom of gluten sensitive child

Cons: at times too crunchy

Mary's gone crackers are a great alternative for those looking for gluten free products but needing something to munch on. At the green festival I spoke with Mary and discovered she started formulating these crackers when she learned of her son and other friends intolerance to wheat and needed an alternative.   For the most part I like the ingredients and the flavors--curry is my favorite.  Only downside is sometimes they are too crunchy and I feel like my mouth is getting a work out!

Not your regular cracker


Pros: Great to snack and munch on

Cons: Great to snack on munch on.... haahaa

 Yum.  Great crackers.  I am huge fan of Mary's Gone Crackers and these are such an easy treat to enjoy at any time.  Filled with lots of good-for-you goodies, you don't have so much guilt as in a boring cracker.

Yummy and addictive!

When I ate the first one I was a bit surprised. These do taste different than your average crackers. The flavor is very nutty, the first bite seemed a bit bitter even. But very soon I knew I was hooked. These are super crunchy and the different seeds keep the taste very interesting. They are not salty at all and that lets the taste of the seeds really shine. Based on the ingredients they should be very nutritious too. I think I found new addiction. I can't wait to try the other flavors!

Mary's Gone Crackers Organic Crackers


Pros: tasty, nice crunch, multiple flavors

Cons: none so far

These are really tasty crackers that are organic and highly nutritious.  Not sure how kid friendly they are but will be trying them on the students who attend my Palo Alto Preschool.  I love them and feel good about eating them due to the high nutritional value. 

So crunchy, so tasty


Pros: Organic, wheat free, tasty, crunchy, plus Mary's really nice

Mary's organic crackers are very tasty.  I've had the herb crackers and the black pepper kind.  In terms of flavor, the black pepper crackers (standing alone) have a bit more umph.  The herb crackers are nice for sure, but the flavor is just a bit more mild.  They go fabulously well with a bit of humus though. In terms of the nutrition factor, they're pretty great.  They're organic, GMO-free, vegan, gluten-free, they don't have any transfats...the list goes on.  For folks with dietary restrictions, they're a really great option.   In terms of crunch...goodness gracious, these are seriously crunchy crackers.  I personally am a big fan of crunch.  But if you're faint of heart in that...
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