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Mary Moppins CleanEZ

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Mary Moppins CleanEZ

If you are tired of products claiming to be industrial strenth cleaners yet still cannot tackle even the lightest of dirt or grime then put the power of CleanEz to work for you. CleanEz has only been sold to industrial markets. Now this remarkable cleaner will zip you through all your cleaning chores quickly, effectively and thoroughly. The combination of soy oil and organic cleaning salts makes CleanEz an ideal, organic choice to replace traditional petroleum-based degreasers, solvent degreasers and harsh alkaline cleaners. Yet it is so safe it would pass Green Seal Standards. Properties * Combines vertical and unique horizontal cleaning action that covers up to 7 times more the surface than conventional multipurpose cleaners and degreasers. * Extreme wetting abilities never before seen in a water-soluble cleaner/degreaser. * Rapid penetration on oily/greasy/waxy and particulate soils. * Outperforms all water-based cleaners. * Cleaning performance equivalent to, or surpasses solvent-based cleaners and d'Limonene. * Works equally well in hard, soft and salt water. * Flotation action holds soil in suspension while it floats away. * No film or residue after rinsing. Leaves a streak free surface. * Removes many tough soils. * Provides exceptional cold water rinsing. * Superior grease cutting properties. * Ability to clean areas where agitation is restricted.

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Percent Organic
Percent Natural
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 Heavy Duty Grease

 Animal Fats


 Food Stains

 Tar and Asphalt


 Grass Stains

 Pet Stains




 Ball Point

 Fresh Paint

 Pencil Marks



 Cosmetics /Lipstick

 Water Scum Lines

 Scuff and Tire Marks

 Smoke Film

 Printing Ink/

 Black Carbon

 Marine Growth and
 Algae, Tung Oil

 Petroleum Greases/

 Roofing Compounds

 Suntan Lotion

 Vegetable Oils

 Wax Build-up

 Skid Marks

 Soap Scum

 Shoe Polish

 Diesel Soot

Cleans any washable surface including:







Stainless Steel











 Painted Surfaces







15 ounces of water to 1 ounce of CleanEz Very heavily soil
20-1 Heavily soil
32-1 General use
50-1 some floors/ light cleaning


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Green Options › Eco Friendly Green Products › Green Cleaning › House Cleaners › Mary Moppins CleanEZ