Mary Moppins Best Home Mop

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Mary Moppins Best Home Mop

Best Home Mop - #1709 9" Mop Head with Standard Handle Each Mary Moppins Best Home Mop lasts 8 to 9 years and keeps 35 to 40 other mops out of the landfills Complete with: # 9" wide cleaning head # a 54" metal handle # a terry towel Floors: Rinse a hand size towel under the faucet. Use heavy weight terry cloth towels for floors. Wring out excess moisture. If cleaning a large floor area two towels speeds cleaning. Place the towel over the mop head then press it down. As you lower the mop to the floor, pull the handle back just a bit so the towel swings under the mop head. Mary Moppins is designed to eliminate sore backs caused from putting excess pressure on the mop in order to clean the floor. USE very little pressure to clean. When one side becomes soiled, raise the mop to the ceiling, flip the mop over to continue. Remove the towel to launder. * Turn the mop on end to clean narrow areas like behind the toilet * Step on the end of the towel to remove scuff marks or sticky spots * Should the towel pull off during cleaning, use less pressure on the mop Cobwebs: dampen a lightweight towel, place over the mop head and whisk away the webs. Walls: Rinse towel in a solution with CleanEz place over the mop head to quickly clean walls or ceilings. Windows: Dust cobwebs first using a lightly dampened terry towel. Dampen our microfiber towel with water and place over the mop head. Clean the window with one side and dry with the other.

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