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Mary Moppins Benya Cleaner

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Mary Moppins Benya Cleaner

Benya - Finally a product that does exactly what it claims to do. Benya will not leave streaks on your windows, windshields, Granite, Marble or Corian counter tops or your black faced appliances - we guarantee it! *Note - just be sure to use a clean cloth like our baby diaper material cloths - they are not on the website yet so just ask for them. Benya cleans and freshens all non-porous surfaces and has a pleasant, natural and fresh scent although not a deodorant. Benya contains Vegetable Protein Extract that neutralizes a wide range of odors. It also contains essential oil of Basil and Extract of Verbena long reputed to have cleansing and sanitizing properties. It has been formulated to be a low-cost, safe replacement for glass cleaners containing alcohol, ammonia, glycol ether and solvents. Benya provides superior cleaning, leaving glass and other non-porous surfaces free of smears, streaks and residue, every time you clean. Benya is SAFETY People Safe: CONTAINS NO: Ammonia Alcohol Glycol Ethers or Solvents Surface Safe: Safe to use on any surface unharmed by water Environmentally Safe: Zero VOC formulation DOT Classification: Non regulated Benya is PERFORMANCE * Superior cleaning performance * NO SMEARS, NO STREAKS, NO SPOTS, NO RESIDUE. * Fast evaporation ensures airborne dust and lint will not adhere to clean surfaces. * Hard water stable. * Performance unaffected by water. Concentrate can be diluted with most any water and still maintain a smear-free and streak-free performance. Removes: Dirt Dust and Pollen Fingerprints and Smudges Grease Smoke Film Spots/ Water Marks Cleans glass and other non-porous surfaces: Glass, Ceramic/Porcelain, Fiberglass & Vinyl Formica Chrome, Stainless Steel Aluminum, marble, granite, Corian Areas of Use: Windows Mirrors Appliances Computer/TV screens Keyboards Display Cases Chandeliers/Light Fixtures Door Knobs Countertops Cabinets Results of Independent Laboratory Tests Benya was tested against 8 leading brands in institutional, commercial and home use applications. Benya came out top of the list and was the only cleaner to rate perfect scores for Non-Streaking and Non-Smearing. Note: Soil removal in real life applications is never as severe as in laboratory testing. Ready to use or dilute 25/75 water to Benya. Best results come from using as is.

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