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Mariah Power Windspire


Pros: good web site

Cons: little power

 Check the web site at - unless you are in an area with exceptional wind speeds the output is minimal. 


At 5 m/s (12 mph) wind speed the puts out between 100 and 150 watts. Using the commercial capacity factor of approx 0.35 (say 150*8760*.35/1000) you may reach 500 kWh annual production.


The unit base price is about 6,000 USD plus what ever else is required. The projected annual income at 10 cents per unit would be 30 and 50 USD.


The economic calculator on the Mariah site ignores capacity factor which is used in all commercial turbine calculations - of course an engineer is involved there for a buyer where you may or may not have that advantage. 


The unit is under testing at this time by the NREL (I believe it is NREL) to certify the capability of the design.


Pros: Good design, innovative product, good company

Cons: Not for low wind areas

 I have seen these turbines in operation and recorded their performance first hand.  If you have wind, it is a really great product.  If not, then it is not for you.  Same goes for installing solar panels in Seattle.


Pros: None come to mind...oh, wait...they are pretty to look at

Cons: 16 months after installation, no, zip, nada

We purchased and had installed two Windspires in May of 2009.  After shelling out a whopping $14,000 we had high hopes.  Our building site is situated on the side of a mountain with optimum wind conditions.  These turbines have never, I repeat never, produced more than 80 CENTS a month in power.  The company was notified in August 2009 of this problem.  They informed us that we had received "defective" (their word) turbines and inverters.  We were promised a complete replacement.  As of July 2010, nothing has transpired.  We've been handed off from one corporate stuffed shirt to another, all the way up to the supposed CEO. replacement, no equipment, no electricity.  We have absolutely nothing to show for a substantial investment.  The company has supplied only vague explanations and broken promises.  Be extremely wary of this product and especially this company...if it were possible to award negative stars in this review, I would have done so.


Pros: The birds like sitting on it when it isn't turning.

Cons: low output, poor customer service, broken

I purchased a Windspire a few years ago. I've never been happy with the power output. Since then I have been through 2 inverters and due to a faulty shorting clip, the unit sheered off in high winds and the top had to be replaced. The last episode was once again after some heavy winds and the brake wouldn't kick off. After waiting several months for a replacement inverter, I installed it and had a great run of about 3 months before another windy day with high winds caused the brake to kick in and it never came off again. I've been trying to call Windspire, but apparently no one actually works there as I keep getting answering machines and no call backs.


If you don't mind poor tech support, a company that is in it just for your money, and a pretty bird perch, then go ahead and buy one. Otherwise, STAY AWAY! We'll see if my lawyer can handle the company better.


Pros: 98% Manufactured in Michigan, unlike others claims.

Cons: Ground mounted, not high pole mounts.

We are the dealers/installers for Windspire in SouthWest Michigan.  These are made for low wind, unlike what others claim, these deliver 1.2kW continuous AC voltage without additional inverters.  They tie directly into your electrical breaker panel.  No difficult electrical installation. 


They spin with ease and turn without and effort and are completely quiet.  Ice shedding and birds are not a problem.  Windspire looks like an antenna.  Check them out before you purchase a propeller type and see which type is best for you.


In SouthWest Michigan, Call: 
Eco-Friendly Contracting, LLC 
5268 Azo Ct., Kalamazoo, MI  48048 
(269) 598-1101  Fax (269) 206-3060 

Mariah Power Windspire

The Windspire is a low cost, attractive, plug-n-produce wind power appliance that provides a safe and attractive method for harnessing power from the wind. At only 30 feet tall and 2 feet in radius, Windspire is distinguished by its sleek propeller-free design, ultra quiet operation, rugged construction, and affordable pricing. Designed for operation where we live and work, it sells for $3,995.00 and comes complete with a high efficiency generator, integrated inverter, hinged monopole, and wireless performance monitor. Attractive - Manufactured with corrosion-resistant soft silver paint that can be re-painted in any color, Windspire provides a truly aesthetically-inspiring renewable wind power option. It is appropriate for rural, suburban, and some urban residential environments alike, and at 30 feet, it is below typical residential and urban zoning restrictions. Several Windspires placed artistically in arrays can form an interesting display of kinetic art in front of small businesses, commercial buildings, resorts, etc. Extremely Quiet - Our uniquely slender vertical axis design allows Windspire to operate with a low tip speed ratio (the edges of the rotor spin just 2 to 3 times the speed of the wind), which makes it virtually silent. Durable, Simple Installation, Low Maintenance - Rugged yet simple construction means durability - Windspire is rated for winds up to 100 mph - and low maintenance for customers. Installation is simple, and can be completed by a professional installer in a matter of hours. The Windspire kit comes complete with everything you will typically need, except the concrete, so installers do not need to source numerous other components. Once installed, you can "plug 'n produce" - plug it into your outlet to begin drawing power from the wind. Alternatively you can have it hard-wired into your building. Regular maintenance is limited to a couple of minutes a year to oil the bearings, located 9 feet above the ground. Power from Advanced Technology - Mariah Power’s patented technology includes a rotor, generator, and inverter designed as a complete system to optimize the conversion of wind energy into electricity. The 1.2 kW (1.2 kilowatt, or 1200 watts) Windspire will produce approximately 1800* kilowatt hours per year in 11 mile per hour average winds. The Windspire also includes an internal wireless modem that can continuously transmit power production information directly to your computer so you can check your power production at any time.

Size30 ft (9.1 m) total height
Additional Features
Rated Power/Wattage Generated1.2 kW (1200 watts)
Release Date
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC


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