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Marexim Par 30 LED


Pros: No UV, little heat output, good lm/watt, great color rendering, dimmable, payback in less than 3 years

Cons: Initial cost of LED lights are hard to get over for some people.

LED lights are the best available lighting product on the market.
They offer substantial energy savings and if you have any air-conditioning adding incandescent lighting is working against that by adding small heaters around your house.

The Marexim line of lighting offers great lumen to watt ratios (compared to incandescent lights) and provides a lot of light. These lights have been running strong and are quality made. I've gotten cheap LED lights from China and they have already fallen apart.

I've calculated the savings and these pay themselves back in less than 3 years and over the lifetime save an average of $1200 per bulb (at my current utility rate of: 33 cents / kWh).


Cons: Poor efficacy

I tracked down the specifications for this LED lamp and was disappointed to see 660 lumens / 22 watts, that's just 30 lumens/watt, I have LED lamps with three times this efficacy, and these days only buy LED lamps with at least 60 lumens / watt. No I don't own the Marexim PAR30 LED, I just felt it necessary to add this information, especially after seeing the previous review where one PRO was "high lm/watt".

EDIT: Seems I was looking at out-of-date specifications, and mauichris was kind enough to direct me to more recent and hopefully more accurate specifications. So based on the 840 lumens / 19 watts I found there, that comes to around 44 lumens / watt, which is closer to average when it comes to LED lamps. Overall their product line looks very nice, clearly an upscale brand, but with price to match.


Pros: NONE

Cons: multiple FAILURES after tiny numbers of hours

I bought 8 of the Marexim LED lamps for 2 reasons.  1 = energy efficiency.  2 = long life. 


On #2, they've been a DISASTER.  I specifically chose them for a very high, difficult to access place in my house.  So high we need scaffolding to get up there to change the lamps.  Unfortunately, they've already been swapped out once (several had failed), and now they've failed again.  I'd bet none of them had more than 100 hours on it.  


What a NUISANCE.  I feel sorry for the dealer who sold them to me and has to come out here with scaffolding to make good on the warranty and his own business reputation.  He's been great, but the lamps SUCK!  Should have stuck with halogen.  Would have lasted longer!


Supposedly the manufacturer's rep is going to visit to see what's up.  Hard to believe it's just mine that are failing over and over again, isn't it? 

Marexim Par 30 LED

High Efficiency high quality LED light used as a replacement for Par 30 halogen lights. No UV, high Color Rendering Index. 18 watts and 50,000 hour lifespan.

Energy Star QualificationYes
Additional Features
Wattage18 Watt
Average Life Hours50,000
Incandescent Wattage Equivalent150
Bulb ShapePAR30
Base TypeEdison
Available Color TemperatureCool White, Warm White, Multi Color, Custom Color
Release Date
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
Green Options › Eco Friendly Green Products › Eco Friendly Home › Lighting › Light Bulbs › LED Light Bulbs › Marexim Par 30 LED