March of the Penguins Reviews


Heart Warming and Eye Opening

This was given to my husband as an x-mas present soon after our daughter was born. Remember our grandparents saying they had to walk 5 miles in the rain and snow just to get to school... well that's nothing.It's amazing what these penguins endure just to thrive. It will make your heart smile, cry and want to take action.

cutest movie!


Pros: adorable

Cons: not as informative as other green docs

 i really enjoyed watching this film.  they really personified the birds!  so cute.  excellent for all ages -- feel good and interesting look into the life of these birds.  the only downside at all is that i didn't find it as informative as other green docs typically are...but it was still entertaining.

Missed the hype

My DH and I watched this movie on video/dvd after all the hype.  Granted, it probably would have been more impressive if we'd seen it in the theater, but we did find it to be cute and entertaining.  There was a lot of information, too, which was great for me.  I found the movie to drag on a bit, and it seemed to rely greatly on its visuals.  Again, they would have been more entertaining and probably more enthralling if we'd seen it in the movie theater rather than at home in our living room. I enjoyed it, I just didn't LOVE it like I'd heard left and right.  I didn't quite understand the hype.

very interesting film


Pros: penguins kick ass

Cons: none!

I saw March of the Penguins in the theater and it was great.  Very fun to watch and educational.  I mean who doesn't like to watch little birds in tuxedos?  Come on now.  The film gave a lot of information about the challenges these penguins face in migrating across Antarctica and reproducing, and I believe touched on the impact of global warming on their species.  Very interesting stuff.