Marcal Small Steps Toilet Paper Reviews

Positive Reviews



By far the best I have purchased thus far- I buy it at our military commissary and use it at our business and home. Great value, great product- compares in quality to the more mainstream TP.

Negative Reviews


Could be better


Pros: cheap, recycled paper, disinegrates quickly

Cons: too thin, very rough

The idea of this product is great- but the family hated it. I would've kept buying it anyway- but with a family of 5 we went through it in a flash. It's way too thin, so you had to use a lot to do the job, and it fell apart in your hand. Also was way too rough. Not comfortable at all. I bought Scott's version which was much better, but still went through it quickly- just not quite as fast.   This product would be better for mature adults with a septic system.