Marcal Recycled Toilet Paper Reviews

Positive Reviews


Nothing to write home about


Pros: Does the job

Yeah, it's not really "noteworthy" toilet paper.  It's fine.  It's a little softer than some other recycled brands I've tried (namely Whole Foods 365 TP), but probably about the same compared to Green Forest and Seventh Gen.  It's not as tightly rolled as Seventh Gen, but I can't really speak to the value (as I wasn't actually the one to pay for it).  I'd certainly use it again.  But no....I wouldn't write home about it.

Negative Reviews


Very average toilet paper


Pros: It's recycled?

Cons: Poor value, not very soft

Strictly as toilet paper, this stuff is just passable.  It's not the softest, but it's not the harshest either.  The issue is so few sheets per roll.  It's just not worth it for the money, there are better options.

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Probably not a great value

In the day and age of the "double roll", these rolls are the smallest I've seen in a long time. Nothing wrong with the paper itself, but I'm no TP connoisseur.

Not revolutionary


Pros: recycled

Cons: 60% post-consumer content, loose rolls

This is pretty average toilet paper. It's certainly not amazingly soft, but is definitely not coarse either. I was a little disappointed with only 60% post-consumer recycled content, but it's 100% recycled overall. My only other complaint is that it's pretty loosely rolled relative to most toilet paper I've seen, so I'm assuming you're not getting quite as many sheets for your buck...I'm not 100% certain of that though.

Good as any other and less expensive


Pros: just as absorbant

Marcal has been an environmental product for a long time and has great saving coupons in the paper pretty often, not to mention it works for what it's made for just fine.