Maranatha Organic Peanut Butter Reviews


No-stir variety --> lives up to its name, but too sweet

 I'm always up for trying natural peanut butters.  I was excited about this no-stir variety because I find that most natural peanut butters send their oils right up to the top of the jar and require intense stirring (not always successful) to incorporate it back into the pb.  This one truly lives up to its name, because I never had to stir it.  It was very creamy and stayed that way, even in the refrigerator (softened very quickly once in room temp, so it was relatively easy to spread on toast). However, I found it way too sweet -- unusual for natural pb.  Then I checked out the ingredients list.  Cane sugar comes before salt, even.  I won't buy this again because I don't like my peanut...
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