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Mansfield EcoQuantum Dual-Flush


Pros: Saves water, no sweating, efficient

Cons: Maybe a little noisy.

I did a lot of reasearch before cosing this model.  Just go to home improvement center and put your hand in the bowl past where you can see... 85% of them do not glaze the s-trap!  I was looking for US made and would flush well.  And I do not mean golf balls!  I was so happy with this model I bought four of them and recommend it to everyone.  Having an inner tank, there has been no summer sweatting off the tank!  Although it is a little noisy on the flush, it gets the solids where they need to go.  Has never plugged.  Glazed completely through the s-trap!  I read on other models where the water went AHEAD of the solids and plugged the line further down.   Never has happened in 2 years with these!  Got a good deal from supplier, since I bought so many.  One happy customer, I am.


Pros: gets the stuff out of the bowl

Cons: noisy undependable no DIY assistance

We have had the toilet for less than a year and the handle some times gets it to flush and sometimes it does not.  I am currently searching for a solution and will post it here when I find it.  I have no idea where to find parts and thanks to the poster with the contact number I am sure I will use it.  I would advise against this toilet until the issue is resolved.  I do not know what it actually cost it was part of a remodel.


Pros: Powerful flush, no sweating

Cons: Flushing problems after about 6 months

I LOVE this toilet.  Now if it only works!  After about 6 months we had flushing problems.  Pushing the handle did nothing.  You have to come back later and then it "might" flush.  I saved the receipt and Menard's took it back, so we had our plumber install the replacement.  Now the same thing is going on with this one again.  Am really disappointed as this is an expensive item.  The standard old toilet we had before this lasted 20 years!  This one is still in warranty, but if we get the plumber to replace it each time, his fee is $85 per hour.  Am trying to look for customer service on this toilet to determine the cause and was not surprised another person is also having problems.  It's an amazing thing though "when it works!"




We bought two of these toilets for an old convent we renovated. One has worked near flawlessly; the other has had constant flushing problems — push up or down on the handle and nothing happens . . . which often means that our guests have to come to us and say, "I can't get the toilet to work." Seems like the only solution is to wait a while and try again. Eventually it works, but sometimes I have to turn off the water source and turn it back on again or take off the tank lid and jiggle the attachment. Online customer support for this issue seems non-existent.

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Just found out that Mansfield makes the poreclain, but a company called WDI makes the "guts" of the toilet — the eco-friendly part. (800. 391. 9821) Will post if they're able to resolve my problem.


Pros: never plugged up, eco friendly, two flush settings, works well

Cons: possible for kids to flush things down the toilet easier :)

Unplugging toilets used to be a daily ordeal at our house. The five kids just overloaded the toilet system. We have moved several times, and these are the first toilets we have never had to use a plunger on. (And we've had them for five years now.) I would recommend these to anyone who doesn't like using plungers :)

Mansfield EcoQuantum Dual-Flush

One gallon. One flush performance with "dual flush" technology. Pressure-assist, high efficiency (HET) EcoFlush™ with dual flushing technology. Available with round front, elongated front, SmartHeight™ (17-1/4” high bowl), cover lock, right or left-hand trip lever or top mount/push button actuator.

Gallons per Flush (primary)1.6
TypeDual-flush, two-piece
ColorWhite, biscuit, classic bone
Gallons per Flush (secondary)0.8
Additional Features
Bowl Shape
Pressure Assisted
Release Date
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
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