Manor Hall Soap Company’s Almonds & Honey Facial Cleansing Grains Reviews


Best natural scrubby grains around


Pros: works great, smells great, very economical

Cons: not organic

You can grind up plain old organic oats or other grains and nuts, mix with H2O or milk and use as a scrub, which is the most economical and natural way to go, but when it comes to grains you buy, these are my favorites ever.Pros: My blender will grind grains but not to so fine a texture. These grains offer a very soft, non-harsh texture with lots of little touches that are a pain to add to homemade grains, like ground rose petals and clay. These work so well. Your skin feels super smooth and soft after one use. Plus they smell amazing; nutty, earthy, light, and not overpowering.  For the price, this is an awesome deal on facial grains. Most face scrubs you can buy cost a lot more, and...
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