Manor Hall Soap Company Almost Sunset Soap Reviews


Best smelling natural bar soap ever!


Pros: Smells amazing, all natural ingredients

Cons: Not organic BUT there is an Almost Sunset organic body wash!

I LOVE this soap - I’ve tried oodles of natural and organic soaps in my life, but this Almost Sunset soap has to be in my top three or so scent wise. There's an amazing light scrubby feeling to this soap but it's not harsh - just perfectly scrubby. On top of that the bar is attractive - which yes, doesn't matter as much as what's in it, but it's still nice to hop in the shower and see that burst of orange/Cinnamon colored bar. The scent is the big perk though. Totally earthy and citrus, but not sticky sweet citrus, more on the fresh sort of spicy smoky side of citrus. The scent alone makes you look forward to showers. IF you're scent sensitive you may not love this soap. In the shower the...
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