Manor Hall Soap Company Almost Sunset Soap


Pros: Smells amazing, all natural ingredients

Cons: Not organic BUT there is an Almost Sunset organic body wash!

I LOVE this soap - I’ve tried oodles of natural and organic soaps in my life, but this Almost Sunset soap has to be in my top three or so scent wise. There's an amazing light scrubby feeling to this soap but it's not harsh - just perfectly scrubby. On top of that the bar is attractive - which yes, doesn't matter as much as what's in it, but it's still nice to hop in the shower and see that burst of orange/Cinnamon colored bar.

The scent is the big perk though. Totally earthy and citrus, but not sticky sweet citrus, more on the fresh sort of spicy smoky side of citrus. The scent alone makes you look forward to showers. IF you're scent

sensitive you may not love this soap. In the shower the scent comes on strong (which I like because it wakes you up) however, not everyone likes strong scents. Afterward the scent slightly lingers but won't interfere with your perfume or oils.

This soap also works great. Leaves you clean, soft, and due to those tiny scrubbers, smooth. PLUS it makes your entire bathroom smell like a dream.

The only downside is that it's not organic, although the company does have an awesome looking Almost Sunset organic body wash that I'm going to buy next. (I've been meaning to get some forever) I think I'll miss the scrubby part of the soap bar, but it's better to go organic. The body wash is all natural and sulfate free, made with organic oils of coconut, olive and jojoba, and is free of synthetics and artificial surfactants.

Overall - if you like spicy, earthy, wake-you-up-scents you cannot lose with this soap. Oh, and one nice thing is that this soap is a guy friendly scent. Guys as well as girls will like it.

Manor Hall Soap Company Almost Sunset Soap

According to Manor Hall: "The setting Summer's sun was just too good to say goodbye to. So we took it and put it in a soap bar, together with its flaming brilliance of orange and red. The scent is delicious. The feeling, irreplaceable. The blend is ours. If you're thinking of buying just one of these bars, don't be surprised to find yourself sorry that you didn't buy three. Of all the bars that people love, this is the bar that brings in the most emails. Take yourself back to the night when the sun was setting and you never wanted it to end."

Size4oz bars
Additional FeaturesAmazing scent and gift ready pretty packaging.
TypeBar soap
Skin Deep Cosmetic Safety Database RatingNot listed yet
IngredientsSaponified oils of olive, coconut and palm. With added organic jojoba oil, and essential blend including patchouli, ylang and lemongrass. Shake of paprika for color. Neem oil and Rosemary OE (natural preservative)
Percent Natural100%
Percent Organic
Release Date
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC