Maggie's Pure Land Soap Nuts Reviews

Positive Reviews


Unbelievably GREAT


Pros: eco-friendly, 100% natural, effective, inexpensive per load of wash

I love these Soap Nuts -- I use them on everything from smelly gym socks to more delicate nightgowns. Each package comes with a small cloth bag in which you put about 3 nuts, then just throw the bag in with the laundry. Clothes come out clean and NO TOXINS or PERFUMES! A family size box gave me about 55 loads. For stain removing power I sometimes add Meyer's Oxygen powder, too, but for most laundry loads all you need are the soap nuts. Also you can get a trial size for $2.99. All on

Negative Reviews


A little disappointed


Pros: They work well

Cons: Sample is way over packaged and wastes a lot of resources the way the ship it.

I got the sample and was sad to see it came with a cardboard top stapled to a plastic bag and with a tri-fold full color brochure in the padded envelope that sold an image and not the value of the product. I don't know if the boxed ones come in a recycled box or not, or how much extra packaging is used. It annoys me when a company that sells an earth friendly product does not package it or ship it in an earth friendly way. I really don't like it when a company markets themselves as being an earth friendly company and then uses so much unnecessary and non-recyclable packing to get it to the user.All the use instructions I needed were on the website, or they could have emailed me the...
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As long as your laundry isn't doused in grape juice...


Pros: Much more environmentally friendly than traditional detergent, no more wondering if I added enough soap

Cons: Didn't get out the grape juice stain, but most detergent would probably have a hard time with that

Before you begin reading this review, be forewarned: I am a little crazy when it comes to laundry...   When I first got my soap nuts, I read the directions and initially I was slightly confused- the number of soap nuts you use depends on whether you are using hot or cold water, and there was information about making a soap nut tea.  So many options!  I was doing a load of sheets, and I always use hot for sheets to get rid of dust mites, so I threw two soap nuts into the cloth bag, and dumped it into the washer.  I loaded my sheets, turned in the water, and read the rest of the brochure. Wait...soap nuts don't create suds?  How will I know I put enough soap nuts in?  How will I know my...
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Who Would've Thunk It?


Pros: Easy, Effective, Economical

Cons: Not sure about the whites

I was amazed when I received these little nuts as a sample, could they really work....I was a non-believer at first and it took me a while to try them. Then I started thinking, these have been a traditional cleaning method in so many cultures long before conventional laundry soaps have been around so why not? I threw 3 of these guys in the bag they came in and tested them my surprise they worked...they really worked! I tried them in a load of whites and although they did clean, it just wasn't quite as good as I would've wanted...maybe a little non-chlorine whitener would've helped them along? I would definitely use them for my colors though and will...
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impressive natural detergent alternative


Pros: natural, easy to use, reusable, cheap

Cons: unspecific directions

I got the trial size of soap nuts and tried it out last weekend. The directions basically just say to put a 'handful' of soap nuts into the pouch and let 'er rip. The trial size came with 5 soap nuts and I didn't know exactly what a 'handful' was, so I just put all 5 in the pouch. It also didn't specify anything about water temperature. Since I always do my laundry in cold water to save energy (usually use Tide Coldwater detergent), I decided to try one load with the soap nuts out in cold water, and the second load with Tide Coldwater, and compared the results. The big test was with one of my shirts which had some sort of weird stains. I...
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