Lundberg Organic Risotto

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Pros: Tasty, easy to prepare, organic

Cons: Probably want to add your own vegetables, box mixes are more wasteful

During a recent trip to the grocery store, I was eyeing up the Tuscan Risotto when my husband informed me that we already had a box at home!  What do you know, a few days later I was having a lunch crisis when Lundberg came to my rescue.


In my deliriously hungry state (ok, so I wasn't having hallucinations, but I had just recovered from throwing open cupboard doors in a melodramatic fashion), I didn't know if I was going to make it through 20 minutes of cooking time.  I popped a few chik'n nuggets in the oven and busied myself by chopping up an onion, some garlic, and some cherry tomatoes to sautee and throw into the finished mix.  This proved to be the right thing to do- there's not much in the box outside of the rice and the seasoning, so if you want this as a meal rather than a side,  you'll want to add some veggies.  The rice mix itself is a breeze to prepare, although in my frenzied state, my stirring did splash some of the water and seasoning out of the pot. 


Lunch was tasty, and pretty quick/painless.  Box mixes are probably more wasteful then cooking something up youself, but it's nice to have something similar for when you are in a pinch- and I plan to buy Tuscan Risotto again.

Lundberg Organic Risotto

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