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Lundberg Organic Rice Cakes Reviews


Superior rice cakes


Pros: great taste

Cons: too brittle

These are by far the best rice cakes I have tried. They are really crunchy and don't have that styrofoamy quality that most cheap rice cakes have. They also taste great. Not too salty or too sweet - you can actually taste the rice. Only complaint is that they crumble a lot and have to be careful not to drop all that goodness on the floor. That means I have to use a plate or eat them over the sink. In any case, they taste so good that this minor problem will not prevent me from buying them again.

Lundberg Organic Rice Cakes


Pros: crunchy, tasty

Cons: a bit too thick

This is a tasty snack when you don't want too many calories but want to chew on something.  It is a nice change from bread or wheat crackers if you want to add some peanut butter or cheese to it.  Kids like them and they are a great snack for kids and adults with corn allergies.

Not something to bring along for a first date picnic!


Pros: The only organic rice cakes I've seen, healthy

Cons: Crumbly, too much or too little salt

We've tried a few varieties- the wild rice, the brown rice salt free, and the brown rice lightly salted rice cakes. From memory, the wild rice tastes quite similar to the brown rice lightly salted. I find the lightly salted to be too salty (at least, they are if you eat them plain), and the salt free to be almost tasteless (again, when you eat them plain). My recommendation is to get the salt free rice cakes, and don't be shy when you slather on some peanut butter or almond butter. Be forewarned, they are also a bit crumbly, so we tend to eat them in the privacy of our own home. On occasion, I have ventured out with my rice cakes, and have been caught walking down the street, trying...
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High quality rice cakes


Pros: Organic, brown rice options, flavorful

Rice cakes make great snacks.  And these Lundberg ones don't taste like cardboard!  So that's a major bonus.  They also have a nice texture, so it doesn't seem like you're crunching on Styrofoam peanuts or anything (some rice cakes have that weird feeling when you crunch down on them...they just rub your teeth the wrong way...there's none of that with Lundberg).  I don't usually go for the sweet kind, but the brown rice (lightly salted) ones are delicious.  Not too salty, but not too bland either.  And they're great with a little peanut butter.  The only thing is...I think I like the thinner cakes better than the thicker ones.  But that's a personal choice.  Regardless, I dig 'em.  Very...
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Delicious and nutritious


Pros: just rice and salt

Ingredients: whole grain brown rice, organic wild rice, sea salt. That's it. Works for me. I expected them to be bland, but i found myself reaching back into the bag for more. Good stuff, I'll definitely be buying more.

Staple in my cupboard

 Not the most exciting snack food, but the perfect "canvas" (haha) for spreads.  I love to top these with roasted soynut butter and raisins/honey, Tofutti "better than cream cheese" spread with sliced tomato and onion, and sometimes just some blackberry or apricot spread.  They're perfect to pack for a snack during the day (sometimes I'll make a soynut butter "sandwich" with them).  They're not too salty, so sometimes a bit flavorless to snack on by themselves (I buy the "brown rice, lightly salted" flavor), but overall really great.  And they're super cheap at Trader Joes.
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