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I bought a pad with a few liners to try them out. I prefer all-in-one pads better but I thought it might be convenient to just change the liners. However, I found that when using these with the liners (especially the winged ones) the pads are too thick and rather uncomfortable when worn with pants. On the other hand the fabric is super soft and looks very absorbent. I wasn't sure how they would work, so for the first month I only wore them on lighter days and they worked fine. Finally I decided to test them on a heavy day and things seemed to be going well for a while. I didn't feel any wetness at all, but when I went to the bathroom the liner, pad and underwear were soaked all the way through. So, I discovered the hard way that they don't have a waterproof layer like my other cloth pads. I will continue using these on lighter days to avoid leaks, which aparently are inevitable if you have a heavy flow.


Pros: Saves a lot of money!

Cons: Bulky

Two years ago I had a chance to test and review these and I have to say I was impressed. They were not as bad as I thought they would be. I have saved a lot of money using them and I don't feel or smell as bad as I did when wearing the disposable kind. Check out my original review here:


Two years later the issues I had then are still the same. They are a bit bulky and they can slip a bit if wearing loose panties. Also when outside the home carrying a dirty pad in the purse even with a specail carry bad still makes me a little uneasy. I have to remind myself I'm doing it for the planet and my pocket book. On another note using them at home is super easy. I can switch, quickly wash and then reuse later.

Lunapads Cloth Pads

Pads are designed to meet needs ranging from light to very heavy menstrual flow, as well as light or stress incontinence. All Pad styles feature a 2 layer 100% cotton flannel base topped with a central pad made with 1 layer of ultra-thin breathable nylon and 2 layers of 100% cotton fleece, plus ric-rac bands to hold Liners. Available in pretty 100% cotton prints and colors, or 100% certified organic cotton.

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