LiViTY Power Fleece Hoodie - Women's Reviews


Gotta love the thumb holes


Pros: Made from bamboo and recycled plastic bottles, nice hood, soft, has thumb holes

Can I just say...I love my Livity Power Fleece Hoodie.  I do.  I was poking around a cute little eco-boutique in Santa Cruz, CA a few weeks ago and there it was...this great green hoodie...with thumb holes.  Yes, I love the thumb holes.  And then, low and behold, after my initial excitement of finding something with the elusive thumb hole, the hoodie is made of bamboo and recycled plastic bottles!  It was meant to be.  Some might even say a match made in heaven. I wandered around the rest of the store, "debating" if I was going to buy it, but I was already sold.  Several weeks into my romance with my hoodie...I still love it.  It's really cozy and amazingly soft.  The pockets are great...
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