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Linamar (Epic, Solaris, Utopia) Solar Charged Brushless Motor Lawn Mower


Pros: Off-Gride; Self-Propelled; Cordless; Brushless Motor

Cons: Mulching blade is extra. 45 Degree brackets for Solar Panel not included

We acquired our 19" mower from Linamar Consumer Products primarily because it had an optional solar charging station. Only when we had the product did we fully understand how great it is.

It does, as advertised, have cutting and self-propelling power of any gas-mower I have used.

I like the idea of the brushless type of motor which will require next to no maintenance. The manufacturer claims no maintenance, but never say never, right? :-)

We actually have put together a series of articles on our blog, Daily Home Renovation Tips, outlining in detail the mower and our experiences with it (including lots and lots of pictures). We are continuing to add a new article on different aspects of it throughout the spring.

What we don't care for is that the solar charging station does not come with a pair of 45 degree angle brackets upon which the solar panel can be placed. This causes the panel to be either flat horizontal or vertical. I haven't found a building supply store that has such brackets yet (to allow the solar panel to get the full exposure to the sun).

It recharges in 2 to 5 days per the manufacturer. Our's so far requires 5 days with the panel fully horizontal.

I would also be nice if the mulching blade was included in the cost, but then again not every one wants to mulch their grass so I can understand it being 'extra'.

Here's the link to the first article on our blog on this mower:

It sells in Canada at 3 nation wide retailers, including Home Depot. In the USA it also is sold through Home Depot but only in the Seattle and Boston areas this year as a test market.

However, I don't understand the 'test market' part. It's a fabulous lawn mower that is the most environmentally friendly together with all of the bells and whistles that any gas-power mower provides.


Pros: Works perfectly

Cons: No much suction

We have had our Solaris self propelled for about 6 weeks. It is everything they said it was and more. We do have a small lawn, takes about 18 minutes to mow. I can mow three times between charges.

I like the front wheel drive and ease of operation.  I used to be a Lawn Mower dealer, and sold very high vacuum mowers so the lack of vacuum takes a little getting used to. But I have no complaints at all, except I have to find something else for the solar panel to charge during it's idle time, which is about 18 out of 20 days.



Cons: BATTERIES lack endurance

I bought this lawn mower after reading the reviews and wanting to do my part for the enviroment . Well after the first season i realised that the batteries held their charge for shorter and shorter periods .next I had to cut my lawn in 2 shifts lawn size 1500 sq feet . I wrote to the manufacturer who kindly said they would pass this information on the their developement team . Now my second season is coming to a close and I'm cutting the lawn in 3 shifts or 3 days by the time the bateries recharge .My lawn also has shrank in size from the first year as we added a spa area. 
 If I sound fustrated it is because I am.
the technology is just not
Linamar (Epic, Solaris, Utopia) Solar Charged Brushless Motor Lawn Mower

This is the first (as far as I can tell) mass production cordless electric lawn mower that includes an optional solar charging panel (2' X 2') and charging station to operate totally 'off grid'. Both the 19" and 21" models are self-propelled and be used in grass catcher, rear discharge or mulch (with optional mulching blade) modes. The 21" model also comes with a side discharge option. Additional features include single level height adjustment for all 4 wheels at a time and a simple ergonomically adjusted handle. The brushless type of motor is said to be more quiet and require no maintenance vs either a gas-powered or electric brush type of motor.

Width19" or 21"
Additional FeaturesOptional Solar Charging Station; ergonomic handle; single level height adjustment
Recharge Time2 to 5 days with the solar charging station; 1 day or less with optional (provided) plug-in charging station
Motor24V brushless motor
Release DateSpring 2008
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
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