Lilywhite Organics Revitalizing Castile Cleanser Reviews


Favorite Castile Cleanser!


Pros: Leaves my skin clean without feeling tight, it is SLS free, in fact it is pure castile soap! Has a great scent too. Love it.

Cons: nothing is added to thicken it so it is a tad bit runny but i can live with that

I love all of Lilywhite Organics' products but this is the one that I can't live without.  Before I started using it my skin was on the oily side and I had lots of blackheads on my chin.  After about 2 days of use my pores were literally expelling all the gunk that was in them.  At first I thought I had dry skin but it was really the stuff coming out of my pores!  This is why I enjoy natural products so much they encouage our skin to work properly and be balanced.  I promise if you try this you will love it as much as I do!