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Lights of America LED Flood


I received a morning phone call from home last week while I was at work.


My wife said my sons foot was bleeding.  He stepped on broken glass and she could not determine where the glass had come from.


The mystery was solved that evening when we looked up at the ceiling.  The light was missing its glass.  It had dropped and broken on the floor.


I had installed 6 of these flood lights.  Had been using them for over 4 months.


So far half of these lights have lost their glass.


I am contacting Costco and the manufacturer today to file a complaint.




Pros: Energy Efficient

Cons: Price, Poor Light Quality, and Dim

Bulbs are expensive. Light emitted is very green. Packaging says can be used as outdoor floodlight, but bulb does not emit enough light to be effective. Will be replacing with incandescents and I will save these for use at Halloween.


Pros: low ussage cost

Cons: low light, did not last

I purchased 6 bulbs at Sams and within 3 months 4 off them have burned out. I  thought they would be worth it!  Even though they were pricey I would be saving on electricy as well as replacement costs since that are said to last for many years.  Boy was I mistaken. 


Pros: Low power consumption

Cons: Dim, may not work with motion sensor

I recently installed a new motion sensing flood light and bought two of these bulbs.  After I installed the light and began testing, I noticed that the light would never shut off after it had been triggered.  I thought it might be due to the LED bulbs, so I tried a couple incandescent bulbs.  It worked great!   


The problem (nerd talk coming) is that LED's run on DC voltage, thus each bulb has circuitry that converts the AC electricity from your house to the DC electricity needed by the LED's.  This circuitry does not allow the switch built into the motion sensing light (probably a TRIAC switch) to turn off.  Bottom line: you may want to try the bulbs out in your light before you toss the packaging.


Other than that, these bulbs are very dim compared to traditional bulbs.  LED's bulbs will eventually replace other light sources, but not yet.


Anybody need two LED flood lights?


Pros: efficiency

Cons: short life

Failed after just a few months of use despite the promise of long life


Pros: Good light for power consumed

Cons: Reliability

Bought one from Costco to try out, this spring. 20% of the leds are now out and moisture is collecting inside the glass envelope;  I expect the rest of the leds will soon fail, Another piece of Chinese junk. Just received a letter from Lights of America directing us to retun it to Costco if we are dissatisfied with the product. Lights of America has determined the actual life of the product is less than stated on the package. 


Pros: Good in red/earth tone rooms

Cons: Not good anywhere else?

I purchased one of these 'Lights of America' recessed lighting LED light bulbs yesterday at my local Costco. They do not work in dimmer switch circuit so we installed it in the bathroom. It's not very bright but it works there just fine- mostly because the light is quite blue shifted. Our bathroom is done in a lot of dark earth tones so the blue shifted light from this bulb actually is an accent in this situation. It would not be appropriate for most other lighting situations that I can think of. So far as I know only CREE makes a dimmable bright 'soft white' LED and I don't know how or where to get those.


Pros: Saves energy

Cons: Looks

Bought at Costco. This lamp was poorly manufactured. Glass was chipped on the inside of the lens, and clumps of glue around the perimeter of the PC board that the LEDs were mounted to. Light was on the green side and a far cry from the 45 watt replacement it was advertising. I would say that this light replaces a 12-15 watt only. They need to change the packaging and not lie to consumers. Would not recommend anyone buy this!

Lights of America LED Flood

LED Floodlight which claims to be 90% more efficient than incandescent and last 10 times longer.

Additional Features
Average Life Hours30,000
Incandescent Wattage Equivalent45
Bulb ShapePAR30
Base TypeStandard
Available Color TemperatureBright White (no kelvin provided)
Release Date
Energy Star Qualification
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
Bright White2002LEDR30-65k
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