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Lightolier Controls MultiSet Pro Universal Dimmer

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Lightolier Controls MultiSet Pro Universal Dimmer

MultiSet Pro® is a revolutionary system of wallbox dimmers and master keypads that provide flexible thirteen-scene dimming capability at a remarkably affordable cost. MultiSet Pro has been designed and engineered to be easy to install, easy to program, and easy to operate. MultiSet Pro offers all the advantages of MultiSet plus these exciting new features: 12 Fade Rates MultiSet Pro® can accept up to 12 different fade rates, ranging from one second to one hour. These fade rates are programmable by scene. Range from 1.5 seconds to 1 hour. Two-Way Communication A MultiSet Pro® system knows if it has been activated from either the master keypad or an individual dimmer, so that status is known at all times. Programmable Non-Dim Switches MultiSet Pro® Non-Dim switches can be programmed to either respond to the ON command from the master keypad or to ignore the ON command. This is ideal for certain Audio/Visual applications. Color Options MultiSet Pro® dimmers and keypads are available in white, ivory, almond, grey, and black. NEW! MultiSet Pro® Brochure Click here to view the latest brochure on MultiSet Pro® and what this lighting control system can do for your next project. Feature Rich Capabilities * Never-fail memory (no batteries required) * Wireless remote capability (RF or PIR) * Not phase sensitive * Can be fed from any lighting circuit * RS-232/485 Interface capability * Master raise/lower capability * MultiSet Pro® dimmers and masters can be ganged with other standard decor devices * Time Clock Capability User Friendly Control MultiSet Pro® masters feature illuminated push-buttons, each labeled with its designated scene (over 120 labels provided with the Classic Series and custom engraving is available with the Ellipse® Series). The ON scene with the larger button may be programmed with any preset level (not just full on). Available in Classic Series or Ellipse Series keypads. MultiSet Pro® is Flexible * MultiSet Pro® dimmers control incandescent, magnetic low voltage, neon, cold cathode, electronic low voltage and Lightolier® HDF fluorescent loads (interface may be required). * MultiSet Pro®'s powerful 8-bit processor responds to scene selection signals from the thirteen scene Master. * Up to thirty devices (dimmers, masters) can be incorporated into a MultiSet Pro® system. * MultiSet Pro®'s MSP dimmers are ideal for low wattage loads in residences and small conference rooms. * The MHP series dimmers are ideal for high wattage applications (up to 2000 watts per dimmer) found in restaurants, class rooms, large conference rooms, churches, catering halls and larger commercial spaces. * Dimming amplifiers are available for control of larger loads (up to 12,000 watts per channel). * MultiSet Pro® is not phase sensitive. Additional masters can be easily installed anywhere. * All dimmers can be raised or lowered simultaneously at any master keypad. * Any MultiSet Pro dimmer can have one or more corresponding full function remotes. Handheld Infrared Remote Control (CLMIR) The CLMIR Handheld Infrared Transmitter is capable of operating over an unobstructed range of approximately 75 feet. Within this range, scenes can be selected, raised and lowered, and lighting may be turned On and Off using the handheld, wireless remote transmitter. The CLMIR is capable of controlling up to four different Brilliance II®, MultiSet Pro®, Compose® PLC or LYTEmode® control station groups. This device works with any Lightolier® Controls infrared-enabled control station. # Master raise/lower, on/off, and scene control allows for mastered dimmers to be adjusted. # Can send and control four separate room codes. # Long-life AAA battery (supplied). # 75-foot operating distance. # For use to control Lightolier® Controls infrared-enabled master control stations.

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