Life in the Freezer

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Life in the Freezer

Antarctica is the wildest coldest most isolated continent on Earth. Encrusted in 90% of the world's ice its 5.4 million square miles are doubled each winter by the freezing of the seas. The average temperature at the South Pole is -56 dropping to -90 and below in mid-winter. Yet this inhospitable landscape is home to a surprisingly rich variety of wildlife. Natural history guru David Attenborough and his camera team spent three years braving mountainous seas blizzards with 100 mph winds plummeting temperatures and glaciers the size of cathedrals to capture the majesty of Antarctica both on land and underwater. In this starkly beautiful landscape they discover penguins by the millions whales by thethousands half the world's seal population and seabirds galore.Running Time: 174 min.Format: DVD MOVIE Genre: DOCUMENTARIES/MISC. UPC: 794051247629 Manufacturer No: E2476

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Release Date2005-11-22
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Original Release Date1993-01-01
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Theatrical Release Date1993
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