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A little contradictory, but interesting information, anyway.

There was a huge contradiction that my DH and I noticed when we watched this on our tivo.  The narrator mentioned that it'd take 500 years for all the buildings to crumble to the earth, then later mentioned that feral cats would take to the skyscraper buildings, and perhaps evolve "wings" like flying squirrels.  But it would take how many thousands/millions of years for cats to evolve wings? I loved the shots of the city--after the nuclear meltdown... my brain isn't working right now, but I loved the shots of the place that had been abandoned for 20ish years.  It was really interesting to see how the plants had grown through the cement, and whatnot.  There was a lot of good information,...
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Who'll dig us up in the future?


Pros: True, explains why we find so little of our own past

Cons: not exiciting

Very interesting, and a little hard to believe. Makes it pretty clear why archeaology is so difficult.