Leifheit Pegasus Easyhang/ Genius Dryer


Pros: Sturdy; folds up; red clips for hanging socks and undies;

Cons: Expensive, can't get that much clothing on it

Overall this is a great rack. The rods are all metal which makes it quite sturdy. The width of the rods also reduces wrinkling. As mentioned in the "pros" section, the red clips also make drying socks, underwear, and other small items really easy. The design of the rods also makes hanging clothes really easy since you can slip them on from the side.


The biggest downside to this rack is that it doesn't actually hold that much (about one washer load of laundry...)

Leifheit Pegasus Easyhang/ Genius Dryer

Folding, freestanding drying rack with 47 feet of clothesline.

Additional Features
Release Date
Feet of Drying Space47
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