L.L.Bean Solar Dynamo Radio Light Reviews


very cool and useful gadget


Pros: powered by solar or hand crank, works well, useful

Cons: weather stations don't come in well

This is a cool little gadget because it has so many uses and options.  You can use it as an LED flashlight, AM/FM radio, or even listen to one of seven NOAA weather stations.  I've found that on mine the weather stations don't come in well, but I think that's the least useful part of the gadget. It has a small solar panel on top and a hand crank for charging it up.  I've found that cranking it for about 15-30 seconds gives about 5-10 minutes of radio time, and the LED flashlight doesn't require much cranking at all.  I haven't had a chance to test out how effective the solar panel is yet. Another nice feature is that the Dynamo can also be used as a solar charger.  It comes with a cord...
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