L-Bag Reusable Produce Bag


Pros: affordable, lightweight, durable

For months as I grocery shop I have been bringing my own shopping bag, but I still couldn't get away from the individual bags that you use to put your produce in.  The cashiers get upset if you mix apples and oranges because they are different prices, and if you don't use a bag then they roll around and get bruised and lost.


This bag is awesome, it is very lightweight, so it doesn't add any weight to your produce, they are durable and kind of cute.  At $2 a piece, it is easy to buy several to keep your produce separate and safe.

L-Bag Reusable Produce Bag

L-Bags are your eco-friendly answer to plastic produce bags! Made by hand, L-Bags are made of a light-weight mesh fabric, which allows clerks and checkers to easily see the produce number stickers on fruit and veggies, but will not add weight to your order! L-Bags are also great for bulk rice and other grains! L-Bags have a draw string closure to keep food safely inside during transportation and storage! Rolled seams and double stitching increase durability! Machine washable! Available in two sizes, the L-Bags are eco-friendly and reusable. If you carry your own shopping bags, why use plastic produce bags? Use L-Bags instead. Short bags measure approximately 11” x 11” and hold up to 3 lbs. Great for apples and tomatoes! Long bags measure approximately 11” by 18” and hold up to 5 lbs. Great for corn and celery!

Additional Features
MaterialAll bags made of 100% nylon tulle. Machine washable at delicate setting. Line dry. Drawstring made of poly-cotton bias tape. Decorations of poly-cotton blend.
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