Kushies Cloth Diaper Reviews

Not a fan, but are ok


Pros: cheap

Cons: bulky, long drying time

Bought for first child when looking for a brand of diapers that we liked.  My husband liked them 'cause they are easy to put on and we had the all in one style so no cover was needed. I did't like them because they wicked at the legs- but I find this problem with most AIO's that I tried. They also took for ever to dry.  The waterproof material is stiff, and cracked after awhile.

okay diapers


Pros: fairly easy

Cons: long to dry, longer learning curve, bulky

These diapers are fairly cheap (I got them off e-bay).  They're okay for the price I paid.  I used these for my newborn for a few weeks.  You have to play w/ the flap to figure out the best way to keep it from leaking.  They're pretty bulky and stiff too.  I had the premie size and they were pretty big on my full term baby.  There's no way a premie would ever fit into them! 



Pros: soak up the urine really good

Cons: not good for runny poop

I only paid $2 from a yardsale which was a great buy. Plus they were brand new! Anyway they soak great and wash great but not tight enough around the legs like other brands so the poop gets on the legs if it's runny

Love these diapers


Pros: easy to use & easy to wash

We love these diapers. My husband wasn't for cloth diapering because he was nervous about all the work, so an AIO was my only option in his opinion. This diaper is thought less and reminds us of a disposiable. We wanted to save money and be more earth-friendly, but we also are very busy so I have figured out how to wash them with very little work. All solid poop is flushed in the toilet but everything else is dry pailed. Then I wash the diapers about every 2-3 days. I have an HE washer so it was a little tricky figuring out my machine at first. Here is how I am able to get my diapers so clean. First I make sure that my washer has gone through at least one cycle without fabric softner. The...
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Okay "starter" cloth


Pros: convenience

Cons: leaky

These were my very first attempt at cloth diapering. I bought some used at a consignment sale, and they leaked like crazy! So I bought some new ones online, and they did the same. They were fine for around the house, but I wasn't able to use them out in public. They are much less expensive than other All-in-One diapers, and that's a good thing, though!

not the greatest


Pros: easy to use

Cons: stink, hard to get clean, too big for small baby

These are okay, and not bad at 10.00 per diaper.  I loved them at first, but had to buy the infant size for my toddler because they run big.  No way will these work for a baby under 6 months.  They are incredibly bulky.  My biggest issue is the cleanliness.  I have done all the tricks.  I use homemade laundry detergent because store-bought can cause detergent build-up.  I use borax once in a while.  I sun them.  I don't use vinegar, I soak them, rinse them, and sprinkle with baking soda before washing...but they still smell bad.  Some have suggested it's because I have hard water.  Maybe, I don't know.  However, if my son pees in them, he smells bad thanks to the diaper.  If he wears them...
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Pros: adorable, fit wonderfully, no leaks, comfortable for baby, good for chuncky monkies

Cons: dry time, but that's all AIOs, not for skinny minnies

I have 5 of the all in one kushies toddler size. I bought these used in wonderful shape from a mom off cafemom who used them for about 10 months for her little one. Since other reviewers have done a mix of reviewing the brand (Kushies) and the diaper type (All-In-One) I will do the same: I don't perfer all-in-ones because as other reviewers have noted any brand all-in-ones take forever to dry and the fit can be compromised depending on how they are shaped compared to how your lo is shaped. Also like any AIO diaper whatever the brand you have to take precautions to keep the ammonia from building up in the layers and depending on your water type this might be harder, like another reviewer...
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