KOR ONE Personal Hydration Vessel Reviews




Pros: Gets so many admiring looks at the gym and my office, I am drinking more water and saving the planet!

Cons: Doesn't fit in my top rack of the dishwasher--easy to hand wash.

I did not think it was possible to be excited about a water bottle.  I mean they are pretty basic in function and there are several choices out there for BPA free ones.  But when I saw the KOR ONE I suddenly felt like I just had to have THAT KOR bottle.   It is really beautiful and I actually like taking it to my office.  This is causing me to drink more water and has cured me of forgetting my water at home.  This one gets put by my purse every morning without fail.  I have always thought that the sheer number of water bottles I saw in the trash cans daily was a complete travesty.  So I would re-use my plastic bottles I would buy at the store over and over.  Well then I heard about the...
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