KOR ONE Personal Hydration Vessel


Pros: Gets so many admiring looks at the gym and my office, I am drinking more water and saving the planet!

Cons: Doesn't fit in my top rack of the dishwasher--easy to hand wash.

I did not think it was possible to be excited about a water bottle.  I mean they are pretty basic in function and there are several choices out there for BPA free ones.  But when I saw the KOR ONE I suddenly felt like I just had to have THAT KOR bottle. 


It is really beautiful and I actually like taking it to my office.  This is causing me to drink more water and has cured me of forgetting my water at home.  This one gets put by my purse every morning without fail.  I have always thought that the sheer number of water bottles I saw in the trash cans daily was a complete travesty.  So I would re-use my plastic bottles I would buy at the store over and over.  Well then I heard about the BPA in the plastics and I decided that I needed to change.  That is when I went online and started looking for a safe alternative.  And the rest is happy history--I found the photo of the bottle and their website and I patiently waited for it to be available.  I now have it on my desk as I type. 


Oh, I almost forgot I personalized my korstone.  I wrote my own that says "kill the fat"  which helps me to be a bit more motivated at the gym and during the day it helps me curb those desires to go buy a candy bar.  It comes with some pre-printed ones and then you can write on the blank ones to make it personalized.  This is really a cool feature that at first I thought wouldn't mean that much.  But I really do read that korstone every drink I take.

KOR ONE Personal Hydration Vessel

KOR ONE - a healthy, sustainable, way to stay hydrated. The KOR ONE is designed to be equally at home on an executive’s desk, in a yoga studio, and at your side throughout the day. With intuitive, one-handed operation, the innovative cap hinges back to provide clear access to a mouthpiece small enough for a sip, yet big enough for a thirst-quenching chug and easy drop in for ice cubes. Made from BPA-free Eastman Tritan™, the KOR ONE transforms drinking water from a reusable bottle from something we’re supposed to do for the health of our bodies and our planet, to a little bit of luxury we can treat ourselves to throughout each day.

Additional FeaturesBPA Free, Personal KOR Stone insert in cap, Promotes Earth Friendly Re-use (instead of toss out single serve plastic bottles), Encourages better health by drinking more water
Bottle Size(s)750 ml.
Release DateAvailable Now
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC