Kombucha Botanica Healthy Living Tonic Reviews

Positive Reviews


Liquid Goodness


Pros: Nutrition, Taste, Just the right amount of sweetness

Cons: Flavors taste very similar

 I really enjoyed this drink. It has a slight alcohol aftertaste, but it makes you feel cleansed immediately. Very refreshing. 

My New Favorite Drink


Pros: Delicious and great for your body

Cons: Expensive

I recently tried all 5 of these kombucha "tonics" and was pleasantly surprised by all of them.If I was going to break down these drinks from the most intense to the least intense it would go as follows:1. Ginger Tulsi2. Green Passion 3. Hibiscus Island4. Elderflower5. PomegranateFlavor wise, I really enjoy the Green Passion over all the rest. I like the little bit of spicy-ness you get from Kombutcha, with the subtle taste of passion fruit. Also the pomegranate goes swimmingly with organic vodka. Enjoy.

Negative Reviews


Kombucha Botanica Healthy Living Tonic

YUCK! Horrible! I smelled it first and it smelled putrid. Why they hell, did I take a sip? It tasted worse than it smelled.Is this puke in a bottle? Is it legal to sell puke in a bottle? Can't get those stars any lower. Sorry, just being honest.

Alien Bev


Pros: Refreshing and different

Cons: WHAT is this

 I did not like this.  I tried the green one and the elderberry maybe?  Not a fan. Not sure what this drink is or how beneficial it is for your health, but I think I will stick with water.

More Reviews


I am biased


Pros: organic, fair trade, healthy drink alternative

Cons: not as good as GT's

I am a big fan of GT's kombucha so whenever I try Kombucha Botanica it is hard for me to get really into it.  Despite my bias, I have enjoyed the pomegranate flavor upon tastings.  Kombucha in general is a great beverage to drink when you get tired of water and are still searching for a healthy cool/refreshing drink.

Makes me feel alive!


Pros: Good for you

Cons: too expensive in small corner stores

It wakes me up and makes me feel alive, a great energy booster for me! A bit pricy at small stores



Pros: healthy, unique, interesting

Cons: somewhat vinegar-tasting

It took me a couple of tries to finally warm up kombucha, but I ended up liking the flavor and appreciating its health qualities.


"Can I try a sip of your juice?" "Sure, but it's not juice." [Sniffs bottle, pauses. Shrugs and takes a sip. Eyes widen slightly, then one involuntarily narrows into a twitching sqint.] "Brrrbrbbrrrrh... Tastes kinda like... beer." "I think you mean vinegar." "Yes! Vinegar. Brrbrbrh." [On the road home for Christmas later that day, his mind wanders back to the intriguing beverage. It was mildly sweet and curiously tart, with a musty but also a floral overtone. A welcome detour from normal for a gastronomically adventurous tea drinker who sometimes finds himself slurping up the vinaigrette after a salad, which he does. The memory is hazy, though. "I'll have to try that again," he thinks.]
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Pros: Refreshing

Cons: A bit pricey

I picked up a bottle of the Green Passion variety today with lunch.  It's one of those things that tastes nothing like it looks like.  When you're looking at a murky green solution, you expect something a bit gross, but it was quite refreshing.  The funny thing is...the drink it most closely tastes like is cheap, champagne.  I know that sounds a bit strange, but that's what it's like.  So if you enjoy a glass of Mums on the weekend, maybe you should check this out during the week. It is pricey though.  $3 for a 16oz. bottle of anything is steep, and it was on sale.  It's usually $3.79.

Nice and light kombucha


Pros: Organic, tasty, supposed health benefits

Cons: Pricey

I really like this kombucha.  It's nice and light.  I think at this point, I've had every flavor.  My favorites by far are elderflower, hibiscus island, and pomegranate.  I tasted the green kind...and it was a little odd.  The ginger kind was a bit strong for my taste.  In terms of flavor, elderflower is a little sweeter.  Hibiscus island is a bit like fruit punch, but not.  On the whole, Kombucha Botanica is a little more tea-like than GT's Kombucha.  And Kombucha Botanica is less effervescent, which I like personally. I do like them both but I think on the whole I have to say I prefer Kombucha Botanica.  The only thing is...when it's not on sale at Whole Foods it costs something like...
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